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This is not even an ad. This is incomplete without a line.

And if you guys think 'hey, the title explains it anyway', think again, when was the last time (or even the first time, for that matter) you ever saw an ad in a magazine/ newspaper with a TITLE???

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Would've worked better for baby food, or is it just me?

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Hey Mercedes... am sorry... you don't get it because probably you are not a mom. Or not a woman. Any mom will get this with or without the title. They are the target. And so, like all good advertising, this ad works for the target.

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mercedes's picture

Don't you think the TG (moms) can always mistake it for a product extension by the brand??? Unless, of course, they see the TITLE of the ad.

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Very subtle...but I like it. Might come across quicker if it was more obvious this is natural light.

Paul R. Byrne
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ok ad for me son

your mom
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Don't argue with your mom!

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