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Concept is cool.

Although the copy feels like it's from a different ad.

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i see this kind of ads before, it's sounds proud and more like a self-defense for 2nd row competitor. but it was wise indeed... it explain great ambition to development, to expand, to grow to be something great, u don't need the words number 1 or the 1st .. but in the other hand .. this copy said that "what hurt most, is standing on the winners podium"..
this term .. it's said that Honda ATV's were made to suffer .. but it can't stand the pain from winners podium ?
more sounds like a chicken for me (sorry), affraid of being the greatest by creating excusses to be proud as the 2nd.
the copy sounds like it was came from subjective opinion, cliche ..

but this was a piece of great artworks..luv it

Jamie Roquai
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The best copy from the campaign...

me thinks
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Joaquin de Camble Guamble

El mejor de los tres

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Joaquin de Camble Guamble

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What hurts most, is standing on the winner's podium
one step down

Very nice, crowning glory of the entire campaign.

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