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Watch where you step??? Why? Small cheese walking around?

Beware the Rott-Cheese... Or even the Pit-Cheddar.

Oh my, this must be hunger. Off to lunch now!

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Hmm, unhygenic factory ...

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It's a dairy farm, don't step in the cow pies.

Nice work.

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Art Director
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I like this kind of random collage lay out.
Very american.

Pacific Blue
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/// The clock is laughing in my face ///

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Yeah I agree - and I am American. HA HA! You are right, though it has the kind of ivy league, east coat, Abercormbie & Fitch, American Eagle kind of look going on. It is ratty and not overly profession while looking professional.

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It does look very "American" doesn't it? I mean I could tell just by looking at the thumbnails that these came from here. Personally, I hate this type of layout UNLESS the concept necessitates it. This kind of visual hemorrhage in art direction was pretty popular in the nineties. The look was copied heavily back then. It still is today. (you're looking at it..) Takes a lot of discipline to show restraint in designing a page. You can ALWAYS add, add and add some more. (I think the art director stopped halfway with this ad if you ask me.)
That's why I'm a huge fan of British advertising (and I'm generalizing here of course.) Also, a lot of
work from Singapore. Quick and to the point in their visual (and verbal) communication. There aren't very many extraneous elements in their ads. Sometimes they suffer from their unintended "barren-ness" of the design. But you always knew what the art director had intended to do with his layout. And your eyes IMMEDIATELY went where he wanted them to go. And that's true craftsmanship. Not some kind of self-indulging, masturbatory excess that they pass off as "art direction" these days.
That was a little too harsh a comment. But I stand by every word of it.

Oh, and one more thing. Almost exactly the same headline has been written before. I think it was for a cattle ranch or something...

Jet Propulsion Lab
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Wow. An artisanal cheese makers that has cows. Just like - any other artisanal cheese maker.

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This campaign will be in the 2007 Communication Arts Advertising Annual.

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so what.

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