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June 2008
Oriflame:  Sand
Oriflame Print Ad -  Sand

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Print advertisement created by BBDO, Guatemala for Oriflame, within the category: Health.


Evens out and corrects the imperfections of the skin.

Advertising Agency: BBDO Guatemala
Creative Directors: Adolfo Lazo
Art Directors: Adolfo Lazo
Copywriter: Adolfo Lazo
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miko1aj's picture

wow. This is really controversial. Form me it says that cosmetic flats face, but I don't know. I'm not a woman.

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devon_connax's picture

eeemmm no.....

Activity Score 30
Publicitary Design
Crisp One's picture

mmmmm yes... make a good point, the benefit is definitely cloudy.

Crisp One
Activity Score 2005
Other at New York
AnubisibunA's picture

looks like she wax'd those big mamma browsers

Activity Score 36
Other at Marketing Web Developer
alvinpck's picture

Similar execution to a highlighter brand campaign.


Activity Score 1463
Art Director
kurtberengeiger's picture

This reminds me of something I saw in an episode of Doctor Who 2005. No, this is something I saw in an episode of Doctor Who 2005.

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sparky's picture

reminds me of the 'healthy food for dogs' ad where the dog is really fat.
so it irons out imperfections in skin by making people fat.

sweet. not.

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Copywriter at M&C Saatchi
whitespace's picture

whoever did this probably play FPS games haha

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Creative Director
Frits Harkema's picture

Is this an ad for an iron again?

Frits Harkema
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NatalieM's picture

I'm very turned off by this ad. It does not make me want to try this cosmetic.

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Topolewski |


LTFournier's picture

This is scary...

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Communication Design Student
il nekro's picture

Does the word metaphor mean anything to you guys?? Are you really THAT stupid to think that this cosmetic makes your face flat?

I can´t believe some of the comments, really.

il nekro
Activity Score 74
APNEA Intervención Creativa - copywriter
miko1aj's picture

dear nekro. I don't know if I'm stupid (because such persons usually do not recognize that fact), but this visual metaphor which you talking about shows face with extra large margins and looks like image captured from cylinder-like object (let's imagine that's head) extended on the flat surface. And because I'm not so stupid to think that any cosmetic can advertise itself saying that it flats face, I'm little bit confused and saying honestly – do not catch any idea from that.
But – I'm only man. As I said above – maybe women catch this meaning immediately.

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Wordnerd's picture

there might be a good idea behind all this, but it died in the execution (sorry). these faces look unnatural and disgusting. no matter if you're a man or a woman. who advertises a beauty product like this?!

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Barbara Agatha G.'s picture

I am sorry: I don't get it, the image doesn't say anything about the benefits of the product and it doesn't convey, well, anything.
And the model looks constipated.

Barbara Agatha G.
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IMILLE, ad agency
Copywriter3003's picture

anyone see doctor who?

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