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is the translation right? why do I not get this? jeez louise...

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"the art director says: whatever I say"

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I would get it if it was for car models which use series numbers like BMW series 1,3,5,6,7 but Opel doesn't. I must be missing something.

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Well... I've seen these in about 8 different excecutions hanging around all over Belgium for about 3 weeks now... I really don't get them!!! The biggest car and motor show in Belgium (the 'Autosalon') started yesterday and can be visited for about 10 days. It surely has to do with that event, but really can't figure out how? I was thinking just the same as Davosk (Peugeot might also do something like this, but Opel doesn't work with numbers). Maybe this is the chance for someone at McCann to explain them to me (and actually all of my colleagues and friends)... PLEASE!!! Thanks...

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I think the offers are the prices and these are numbers from the price.

It's weak though, the photography is horrible and the idea a bit silly. It might have worked better illustrated.

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I don't know... I've seen one with all numbers (1 to 9) just gathering around a car, not doing something specific to say they are in good shape... so...?

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oh boy this sucks!
idea, art-direction, photography... all very poor

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Say no more...

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I really get the feeling opel is a lost cause. in germany, all their ads suck since i can remember

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Ok I've had enough with these "people in costumes" type of ad. I'ts getting ridiculous, especially when nobody understands why.
I don't agree with the others on the photography however, I think the photoshoot is fine.

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Does "getting in shape" mean "getting ready"? I wouldn't want an offer to pump itself up into something unaffordable.

These are pretty lame. Real eye rollers.

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