Send mosquitos far away

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April 2008
Off:  Send mosquitos far away
Off Print Ad -  Send mosquitos far away


Print advertisement created by FCB, Brazil for Off, within the category: House, Garden.

Advertising Agency: Giovanni+Draftfcb Rio de Janeiro
Creative Directors: Adilson Xavier, Cristina Amorim, Fernando Barcellos
Art Directors: Ricardo Câmara, Felipe Gomes
Copywriter: Leonardo Bartoli
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Dr. Dedo Verde's picture

The brazilian mosquito runs to the other side of the world.

Dr. Dedo Verde
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Dr. Dedo Verde
Relax. All ads of the world's done.

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Art Director
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Art Director
Sabupaul's picture

The newspaper is in Chinese. You can drive away mosquitoes to China. Get it? Pretty decent.

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Creative Director |


Wordnerd's picture

well it's a nice thought but 90% won't spot that this not a chinese/japanese mosquito ;)

they should have chosen a place, where there are normally no mosquitos. like the north pole or then it would have been much clearer

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elgrecones's picture

the joke on "send the msquitos far away" is like... from brazil with OFF u can send the mosquitos to china...

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Creative Director at Designer/Creative Director/CEO Marketing
Jet Propulsion Lab's picture

North Pole might've been clearer to some, but as you know, it's been done for a leaf blower for Stihl very effectively.

I'm almost very certain that in Brazil, a country historically with the most number of Japanese immigrants (someone please correct me if I'm dead wrong), it's a common knowledge what country is on the opposite side of the globe. We just saw an "upside-down" ad campaign based on this geographical fact for Onitsuka Tiger athletic shoes.

I'm pretty sure the Brazilian audience will get the ad (and the joke)immediately when they see a rolled-up Japanese newspaper with the line "Send mosquitos far away."

I can think of a few ads that might have influenced this work off the top of my head. Give you one example. There was a great tv spot couple of years ago (out of DDB/SF) for Liquid Plumber that showed an American couple trying to de-clog their bathroom sink drain. They use the product. And we see a big, wet hair clog falling from out of the sky onto a dinner table at a French cafe. Line: Sends the clogs away. Far away.

It's definitely not a new thinking, but still very memorable.

I quite like it.

Jet Propulsion Lab
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Wordnerd's picture

you might be right. my art-partner is from south america and she got it right away

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ahpitt's picture

How do you identify the mosquitos are Brazilian? They could be from China, Korea, Africa, South East Asia or where ever.

May be adding traditional costume of Brazil to the mosqitos? (LOL)

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Art Director at Art Director
Jet Propulsion Lab's picture

If you zoom in close you can tell it's a Brazilian mosquito.
It has thicker, muscular hind legs from playing "football" all the time. It's got green, yellow and blue stripes around the belly. And if you look REEEEEAL careful, it has "Made in Brazil" tattooed on the wing...

Lemme know when you want to know what a Korean mosquito looks like!!!

Jet Propulsion Lab
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ahpitt's picture

Well, let me tell you how a Korean mosquito looks like.

It has strong immunity ability, as eating too much of Kimchi. It has a dirty body from repairing Samsung or LG electronic products and Hyundai vehicles all the time. It has deep pouches as overnight for acting soap drama like "Dae Cheong Geum", "Fullhouse" ... and of course, it has "Product of Korea" tattooed on the wing as well ... :P

Haha ... Jet Propulsion Lab, you are humor!

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Art Director at Art Director
jazarah's picture

interesting, frankly I didn't get it this way

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spongeheart's picture

That's Japanese, not Chinese.

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JAGGY's picture

It's not even Japanese. It Xhansa.

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Copywriter at TBWA, Mumbai |

Jaggy, MICA Ahmedabad

everartz's picture

the newspaper seemed like a marker to me at my first glance...with the tip on! but i dont get it xD

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| everartz |

Jarne von Wolfsburg's picture

* * * * *

all the brazilian stuff seems to be a bit lame at last time. French style rocks most at the moment or at least here at adsoftheworld

Jarne von Wolfsburg
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* * * * *

djakuza's picture

but when you've got a japanese or chinese or Xhansa ;) newspaper you and the mosquitos are already in the "far" country. sorry but not really clever.

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Art Director
heroin4th's picture

don't get it
and that's Japanese

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ChuckNorris's picture

You got to know this ad is from Brazil, or it makes no sense.

Its aimed at Brazilians who speak Portuguese, and not chinese/japonese/xhansa.

So it just says that the mosquitoes will leave Brazil and go to a far place, like china etc.

Quite simple, IMHO.

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Creative Director
Dr. Dedo Verde's picture

The brazilian mosquito runs to the other side of the world.

Dr. Dedo Verde
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Dr. Dedo Verde
Relax. All ads of the world's done.

sloppy4's picture

they don't have mosquitos in japan/china?
who would have known that?
i thought those things are everywhere.
and therefore i didn't get it at all.

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m0u5emeow's picture

whatever language it is. Its not direct. even for ppl that like ads who are ready to breake the code of the ad. From all the comments you can tell that this ads is not single-minded nor direct. I doubt yr TA will get the message.

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Nangyang Academic of Fine Art

It's a decent notion poorly communicated. Back to the drawing board and this could get good. Not yet though.

Saying 'done' without saying where, has been done to death.

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Other |

We're going to need more lube.

BulbheaD's picture

i'm waiting how dentsu bangkok would do this brand.

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Freelance |

The madman thinks he is sane. I know I am mad. -- Pablo Picasso

ernesto p's picture

pero si te ponés off en japón, los mosquitos se van a ir a brasil!!!!

ernesto p
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Dick Huges's picture

good for local award shows. Will never be good at an international award show where some of the jury members are actually from Eastern countries.

Dick Huges
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simon.gross's picture

I want to look at ads, not frikkin brain teasers! This one's about as annoying as a mosquito in your ear at 2 in the morning. What's wrong with a good old instant get? Why does everything have to be so damn clever? Entertain me! Move me! Give me a proper Aha moment! Sure I get it. Yippee. I solved the puzzle. Do I care? No. Your job is to make me care.

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Copywriter at Clemenger BBDO
annie_us's picture

What is ad mean? Don't kill?

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Graphic Designer at Working in an International Advertising Agency
jungle boy's picture

and what if the chinese/japanese started using this product?
will the mosquitoes come back to where to Brazil?

jungle boy
Activity Score 196
Triton communications, Mumbai
Guest's picture

good idea. i design ads for fun, and i never would have thought of this.

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