Piracy doesn't work, Movies

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December 2010
NYC Office of Film Theatre and Broadcasting:  Piracy doesn't work, Movies


Print advertisement created by Fathom, United States for NYC Office of Film Theatre and Broadcasting, within the category: Recreation, Leisure.

Advertising Agency: Fathom Communications, USA
Creative Directors: Kit Cramer, Noah Ross
Art Director: Shiloh Gray
Copywriter: Kit Cramer
Producers: Brett Fisher
Account Executives: Alexis Sheehan, Moya Fry
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Billoughsby's picture

"Paying for every movie I see would put me on the dole. P2P downloading makes a world of other purchases possible."

Nice very basic layouts, though.

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That's it.

AmOgodzzz's picture

Umm....or you could just get netflix for like nine bucks a month and watch every movie your heart desires without having stacks of DVD's in your house.

The campaign sucks but I agree with the message. Downloading movies puts crew members out of work. I'm not, however, defending the RIAA and MPAA's methods in suing twelve year old kids for downloading a few songs. That's just scummy and doesn't win them any PR points.

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kleenex's picture

I agree it has nice basic layouts, hut I am not liking the ad campaign much at all.

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Sdb's picture

All the headlines are very good, in par with the situation. Liked it

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