Subway Commuter Unicorn

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November 2017
Novartis: Subway Commuter Unicorn


For the past 30 years, a diagnosis of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) has been a death sentence for many patients. Unlike most other forms of cancer, treatment advances have been few and far between, and an archaic chemo cocktail remains the decades-long standard of care. This has lead to the worst 5-year survival rate of any form of adult leukemia, and the hope for long-term survival little more than wishful thinking.

Now with Rydapt, the future has become brighter. As the first targeted agent approved in decades, patients will finally experience the benefit of sustained survival benefits. The Unicorn, embedded in everyday scenarios like the subway, represents how the myth of extended survival is finally a reality in AML.

Print advertisement created by Harrison and Star, United States for Novartis, within the category: Pharmaceutical.


Make the Myth of Extended Survival a Reality
Introducing RYDAPT, a treatment for adults with newly diagnosed FLT3+ AML eligible for intensive chemotherapy

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