Recycling Promotion, garbage truck, Stinson

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December 2008
Norcal:  Recycling Promotion, garbage truck, Stinson


While consumers totally support recycling, they don't understand how many recyclables (and compostables) actually wind. Up in the waste stream and in landfills. In order to communicate how much. More we could all be doing, we decided to use a trompe'loie technique that. Let people "see" into a garbage collection vehicle. The contrasting image - what could be preserved - is then shown inside a fine rule outline of a recycling/composting cart.

Print advertisement created by Brainchild, United States for Norcal, within the category: Professional Services.

Advertising Agency: Brainchild Creative For Singer & Associates, San Francisco, California, USA
Creative Director: Jef Loeb
Art Director: Marc Marvin
Copywriter: Jef Loeb
Photographer: Walter Whitman
Additional Advertising Agencys: Adam Alberti, Account Director (Singer & Associates) Jessica Shelton, Account Executive (Singer & Associates), Jennnifer Carlenzoli, Print Producer (Brainchild), Xyz Graphics (Engraving And Pre-press)
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Dear guest commentator: wonder what you have to offer that might be better.

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