Nobile Tribes - Water

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March 2018
Nobile: Nobile Tribes - Water


The “Tribe” - latest collection of Nobile Kiteboarding line - is inspired by ritual paintings used by tribal communities that affirm and commemorate the spirits of their ancestors: the fearless warriors. It also represents the tribe-like connection between the members of the kiteboarding subculture, who were joined by a shared passion.

KVs idea: To feel uninhibited excitement on board, you need reliable equipment and the right weather. Following that, we've created a series of key visuals, representing elements such as water, sun and air. The elements are created by totems which define special kitesurfing ties with nature and pay tribute to the factors from which kitesurfer is addicted to but cannot influence.

Visuals arranged vertically form one huge totem that provides blessing of all elements (air, sun and water) essential for the kitesurfer.

Print advertisement created by Saatchi & Saatchi, Poland for Nobile, within the category: Retail Services.


Let your breaths be praised

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