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If i were german i would be more careful towards racial subjects.

This is a terrible discriminative and demeaning message.

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I'm sure there are some well-proven insights behind this choice of creative route. Which is pretty much what you're already saying, only in adspeak.
Or in other words, advertising only reflects the cultures it works in...

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I don't see this being racial. It is not a generalization, just an observation.

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Maybe they should have not only use chinese Billboards... i think is definitely racist!

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dr. pornsak and valley dental are not chinese.

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they probably used chinese culture/language because it's one of the furthest away from ours. (I'm German too and I don't see that as being racist).
Sure, they could have used Swahelian Doc-Shops as well, but that would have been more racist in my eyes than Chinese, since African countries are largely underdeveloped. China is in between. It's a very different culture from ours and every German would understand, that it's only a bad translation from Chinese to English. In fact, Germans are as a whole very appreciative of Asian medical treatments.

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No, it’s not racist. But it I do think it plays with xenophobic insights...

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living in a country provided a comfy assylum for most of the german nazis after the war was lost, I wouldn't be as brave, as you are, julian. (sorry for this low remark, but I couldn't resist. I don't hold nay negative feelings towards argentina at all)

I don't see a reason why the germans should be more careful than anyone else, in this respect. especially when we speak of making fun of the chinese. also I quite can't follow why this seems racial to anyone...

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juliangray, not sure I understand why? It's recognised in a lot of Asian countries that alongside fake jeans and pirated DVDs there's a massive problem with counterfeit medicine, in many cases it's a deadly issue.

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- kk

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well, I've been around a lot and these sum it up for me: it's a scary thought when you see one of these and realize you may one day need it. it's tragically funny.
headline should be better cause you see it while still at home. it's just to narrow.

but I like this campaign.

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this is not racial. have you ever seen the dentist signs in morocco?
fine insight.

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I do see their inspiration, but this is rather racial.. And the fact that they use the chinese words for the japanese one too(it's not like japan has bad medical either, just not good in communicating with foreign languages).

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It is racial, but then again, it's rather true.

I think that the creative team should have spent some time into not confusing Chinese words for Japanese (based on what you said). To me, it shows ignorance from the creatives in not bothering to get their typography right.

However, I don't think that 99.9% of the target market would know the different.


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nothing special and i dont see racism here...

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