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You can use a impact image for this campaign. This is very naif.

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razorsharp creative's picture

Very simple, and very powerful. Mixing the use of a child's type of toy (cutouts) with the color palette helps to drive home the message. It's better than showing an actual photograph because the illustration helps to recall the feeling of childhood and children, and then to juxtapose that with the subject matter is disturbing...which is what this ad is trying to communicate. Nice.

razorsharp creative
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-Richard Todd Aguayo (razorsharp creative)

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Creative Director
gilgo's picture

good idea is good idea, everywhere. it just have to be unexpected&relevant. so simple...

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Creative Director
Phil Lestino's picture

Firstly i think its great that the creative director thinks this a good idea...however I find this confusing. Am I wrong to think that rambam is a plastic surgery?
If it is then saying how difficult surgery is does not sell it very well. If it is not a plastic surgery then what is it...never heard of an aesthetics clinic or is it a healthcare campus
(whatever that is) or what.....confusing and dare I say slightly paedophillic. By the way gilco, does razorsharp work for you??

Phil Lestino
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gilgo's picture

hi. never heard of razor till this morning. never work for me.
rambam is the best healthcare campuse in israel. and the ad is for its aesthetics clinic.
thanks any way for the comment.

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Creative Director
Hibon's picture

Nice idea.

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Simple ideas are the best !

Sven Gali's picture

Nice ad, but who out there ever thought that plastic surgery was child's play?

Sven Gali
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I love the artwork, colours, layout and idea. There is just one thing that bothers me. Should the line be "It's no child's play" or "It's not child's play" ?

J Designer
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Graphic Designer at Click Clack
Muhammad Imran's picture

There is some kinda twist between (no and not) I'm sure. Great art indeed!

Muhammad Imran
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Art Director at Orbit Advertising |

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bigger tits is ok, but who wants a bigger butt?!

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Art Director at homeshop
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simple and effective..

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I would think it's great if it were for a body image campaign, to try and combat the cultural shift towards an unrealistic standard of beauty. The message I'm getting from the execution is "plastic surgery is not for kids." I mean, what parent would give a child a plastic surgery-themed toy? But the ad is actually for a clinic, so I've gotta say, great idea but it seems like it should be for something else.

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silvi's picture

You can use a impact image for this campaign. This is very naif.

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ek kanya's picture

its nice. like it.

ek kanya
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am an advertising junkie | read my flog at

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The art is really good. The point being that plastic surgery shouldn't be treated as a sport/game, you have better option: Rambam, right?

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Copywriter at Leo Burnett
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this is simply good and to the point

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bi_sign's picture

ohhh very cute i like it

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Art Director
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Creative Director
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