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How did it meant sensitive skin ?
Could anyone get it to me ..

"Idea never die"

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Remember the famous 'covering the crotch' photograph (or photo-shop-graph)? This is a pun on it. Err... does it need more explanation? But then, the connect is rather oblique, do you think?

instinctive tra...
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idea is certainly DEAD in this case

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At first I thought that it's funny. On second thought... what does that have to do with sensitive? I haven't got sensitive skin and yet I would not like a ball shot into my face. The story is weak.

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the story is not completely OK, yet i think that those guys who previously didn't think about using nivea, now think about it for 2 secs

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due to this brand new NIVEA moisturiser their faces burnt like hell.
this turned out to be fatal as they forgot to protect their undersides...

besides, bad shot of the players, too much space on the left, no goal keeper, the crowd looks like a gaussian-blurred low-res-pic

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johann.s's picture

boring art direction ...

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for the 3 seconds people look at an ad, this idea works well. Dont overthink it. its a fun visual pun i my oppinion. a familliar image turned upside down.


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I think it works fine.

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Very boring Art Direction. No footballteam wears white american apparel shirts. The crowd is much too blurry. Whatever, I don't like this ad, sorry.

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act's picture

this ad is as boring as the recent world cup.

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I've never read such a bunch of snipey comments in my life:

popdistortion - the idea is that your face is so sensitive that you'd rather protect it from the ball than your nuts.

addyhoch10 - some of your best criticisms of this is that there is no goaltender? And that the crowd is blurry?
Tell me, what would the addition of a goaltender do to improve this ad? What would a crisp, clear crowd shot add?

Axxl - you don't like the white uniforms. Could it be that the intent was to match the primary color of the Nivea product package??? Apprently you think it's important to see faces in the crowd also...

Seems you all are rather, uh, weak and a tad jealous, perhaps??

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Axxl's picture

Weak and jealous??? ..... :) You're funny.

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addyhoch10's picture

seems you had a rather, uh, bad day perhaps??

the art direction in this ad is very poor. the idea behind it isn't that breathtaking either.
so there's not a single reason for me or anyone to be jealous.
i'm sorry if i hurt your feelings by not liking this ad. have a nice new year's eve. cheers

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theassailante's picture

looks like the germans play soccer better than they do coming up with ads.

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Joe76's picture

Too forced

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ChuckNorris's picture

I hate this kind of line. (with a question)

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CISBlues, those uniform look bad, they look like someone just got out of the bed, perhaps a bit blue would help as that is Nivea's brand color.

The idea is ok, so instead of protecting your balls, you protect your face....but that is not really saying sensitive skin the best way.

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pankajadsoftheworld's picture

Cis blues i m with you,the idea is clear & smart.

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Terible shadow! is too black!!too prominent~

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HV's picture

auch, bad execution...

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B128's picture

Is this why they lost in the World Cup?

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hehehehe, it s nice... because my freind mo did it before u, for hulter protection, and it s much much better... sorry

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it favolussssssssssssssssss

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