No bollocks, 3

October 2014
Newcastle Brown Ale:  No bollocks, 3


Print advertisement created by Miami Ad School, United Kingdom for Newcastle Brown Ale, within the category: Alcoholic Drinks.

Advertising School: Miami Ad School
Copywriter: Soham Chatterjee
Art Director: Frank Garcia
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Pedestrian's picture

I don't want to rip on student work (too much). But if you're going to do a headline-driven campaign, the headlines have to be really really good. These aren't.

And if Newcastle's tagline is "No Bollocks" then the lines should reflect that sentiment. The 2nd and 3rd headlines in this series feel like they could have been slapped onto just about any beer ad. "We don't recycle our bottles, they're kept on the shelf next to the ming vase." What does that have to do with "No Bollocks"? Same for "Our bottles aren't see through"....neither are Heineken's.

If the brand is trying to say "we're all about the beer. no bullshit." then write headlines that reflect it.

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Appreciate your feedback. Thank you.
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kleenex's picture

The copy does need work.

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johnrj21's picture

*In reply to Pedestrian:

In reference to the second execution (the one about the vase), you said: "What does that have to do with 'No Bollocks'?"
Well, it's simple: the writer is saying this brand is meant to be tough, manly and carefree- therefore caring about the environment and recycling would be considered as bollocks. Recycling = bollocks. I got the idea right away.

Also, you said the headlines in a headline-driven campaign have to be really good, and that these aren't good. "Good" is a really subjective term, so next time you should actually write out the characteristics of a good headline before making a claim like that.

I know you were trying to help, but there's a difference between constructive criticism and really good constructive criticism.

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Pedestrian's picture

Fair enough, JohnJr. I'll try to give better feedback. Although, I really don't think he was saying that "recycling = bollocks." If the goal was to convey that recycling is bollocks, then you'd tell me that you throw the bottles in the trash or toss them into the streets, etc, because "who gives a crap about an old bottle." Know what I mean?

Telling me that you keep them next to the Ming vase conveys that you think of the bottles as a valuable treasure...which doesn't align with the "Newcastle isn't a part of the fluffy bullshit that other beers try to sell you"..."No bollocks. just beer." image of the brand.

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Everything has been said.

Lisbon freak
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Guys. I really appreciate your feedback. Infact we are learning so much from all your comments and healthy arguments. This will help us to create better stuff in future.
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Why continue an existing campaign as a student work?

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