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November 2008
New England Aquarium:  Water tower


To be

Print advertisement created by Mullen, United States for New England Aquarium, within the category: Recreation, Leisure.


See turtles.
Sea turtles like never before.

Advertising Agency: Mullen Wenham, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Edward Boches
Executive Creative Director: Mark Wenneker
Creative Directors: Jim Amadeo, Edward Jendrysik
Art Directors: Chris Pinkham, Bo Deng
Copywriter: Sarah Sumner
Photographer: Getty Images
Image Retouching: David Onessimo
Post Production: Mark Danish
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sneakyhands's picture

i think i'm beginning to punderstand.

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Crisp One
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dshott's picture

I hope everyone else does. It's pundermental

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Kinneir Dufort - Industrial Designer |


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University of Barcelona - Advertising and PR
STRTLRS's picture

This is so bizarre it's beginning to work for me. Maybe the creatives said "fuck it, let's do something really crazy".


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storytellers. |

I think, therefore... yeah.

topawers's picture

I think they said, "fuck it, let's go watch a movie."

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Guest commenter's picture

So the wing of the plane is stuck in that water tower?!?

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roi zhang's picture

no see

roi zhang
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Scam Detector's picture

These are visual gags. Total disconnect, poor idea.

Scam Detector
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General Manager
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hhaaa....... i Think Ivan's judging capacity is gone:)

Guest commenter
redaroguitijani's picture

!!!! Destructive, i like the next one with the water drop, it's more "Natural" ...still it needs more font research

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graphic designer
bhavdeep's picture

not connected.

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bvital's picture

y see turtles is twice, anyways this one is not working, try something else........

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dshott's picture

Err, I think I have to stick up for this advert a bit, I really like it.

The two different "turtle" lines are completely different. Different context, different messages, different levels and most importantly different spelling.

The first line SEE turtles informs the reader he or she can SEE turtles (as in visually) the next line is different; SEA turtles (as in turtles from the sea). Also SEEing a turtle (with your eyes) when it's not really a turtle it's a WATER tower (as in what the SEA is made of).

Maybe not all of the commenters are native english and this is less obvious on first glance. But crikey, I think I'm, going to have to give this ad a 9 or a 10, it really is jolly clever.

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Kinneir Dufort - Industrial Designer |


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Are you serious?

Scam Detector
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tantrik_indian's picture

or cant it be - why 'see' turtles when you can actually see sea turtles. eh

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Copywriter |

~~this paranoid survived!~~

corre!'s picture

hands up who'd want to go to a place that supposedly has airplanes flying at a 5mm distance away from it, EVEN if it amusingly creates a shape of a turtle?
Negative associations for a paranoid society, I'd say.

Fatrhino's picture

well...nice idea but i must say...poor execution.
they lost it somewhere...

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great idea

Guest commenter
Steve Hight's picture

To those who don't understand the photo, it's not a coincidence at all. The red and white checkerboard pattern indicates the tower is adjacent to an airport (US). I'm sure the photographer had noted previously, or been told, that the planes at takeoff pass behind the tower and create a "mock turtle" (sorry; a pun seemed appropriate). He probably took any number of photos to get the shot right.

Steve Hight
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