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July 2009
New England Aquarium:  Ball


Print advertisement created by Mullen, United States for New England Aquarium, within the category: Recreation, Leisure.

Advertising Agency: Mullen, Boston, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Edward Boches
Executive Creative Director: Mark Wenneker
VP, Creative Directors: Matt Fischvogt; Jamie Ferreira
Senior Art Director: Jesse Blatz
Senior Copywriter: Greg Almeida
Sr. Designer: Allie Hughes
Digital Imaging Artist: Bethany Acheson
Studio Artists: Mark Danish; Nick Minieri, Julie Sforza
Producer: AJ Hodgson
Art Buyer: Tracy Maidment
Typographer: Graham Clifford
SVP, Group Account Director: Drayton Martin
Account Supervisors: Julie Carney, Jessica Zdenek
Project Manager: Christina Baran
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You surprise me. No not the clown bit. The bit about you thinking.

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Are we sure these s=critters enjoy performing for us,as this ad suggests? it raises some disquieting questions.

manumartin5's picture

i doubt...
It really raises questions.

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Art Director at Infinity Advertising Services Pvt. ltd.
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At this AQ they dont train the animals to perform. They train them to keep their minds stimulated and to keep them physically healthy. They aren't doing tricks or things like that. I would put it more as exercises.

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I think you're just a clown.

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You surprise me. No not the clown bit. The bit about you thinking.

SoCH_TO's picture

Great Copy

done !! done !! done !! done !!

Superb compaign

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Art Director |

Live with Passion

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@ Sonu

what do you mean by Great Copy and done done done at the same time?

clear the air pls.

alexander_bickov's picture

nice typographic work

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i dun think so. the copy is so underexplored. there's no wit or charm. it's like a junior writer's first draft for the assignment. a guest raised a very valid point: are we sure they enjoy perfoming for us? copy aside, it's not even a well thought out campaign. where i live, this campaign will not even be included in my book for interviews. sorry guys

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I love this campaign. I'm just an average Bostonian who rides the T daily and these ads brighten my afternoon. Forget what the pros think, the ads worked on me because they convinced me to schedule a trip to the aquarium.

As for whether the animals enjoy performing....lighten up. These animals are not abused, they are treated with love and respect by their trainers. They are well fed and seem to get plenty of exercise. They don't have to worry about finding their next meal or getting eaten by a shark. Also, their presence in the aquarium reminds people (children and adults) that we need to take care of our oceans to protects these magnificent species.

AmOgodzzz's picture

This is a very good campaign, but the copy on this ad struck me as the best. Its witty without trying too hard, and goes really well with the art direction. Stellar art direction on all three ads.

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Copywriter at School of Visual Arts
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Why is that underrated? Come on people.

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Graphic Designer
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i like the copy.

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Copywriter at Advertising |

You Fail If You Want To Fail.

danvertising's picture

I like it. Not bad... Not the strongest but it's a good concept. As for the copy, I think it's great!

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