80 penguins

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July 2010
New England Aquarium:  80 penguins


Photography and Imaging by John Holt/Dock25

Print advertisement created by Mullen, United States for New England Aquarium, within the category: Recreation, Leisure.


80 penguins. 80 personalities.
Get to know them all.
New England Aquarium

Advertising Agency: Mullen, Boston, MA, USA
Executive Creative Director: Mark Wenneker
Creative Director: Jim Amadeo
Art Directors: Allie Hughes, Alyssa Wilson
Copywriters: Kerry Shea, Greg Almeida, Elena Romeu, Dylan Klymenko
Digital Art Director: Danielle Marino
Art Buyer: Tracy Maidment
Production: Kristine Ring
Digital Productions: Jane Allen, Andy Keyes, Kristina Loycano
Project Manager: Caroline Senn
Account Service: Drayton Martin, Amanda Chandler, Jessica Zdenek, Eugene Kim
Media: Erin Bilenchi, Vanessa Higgins, Gina Preziosa, Ryan Chan
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pez's picture

sorry, the only thing I like in this campaign is typography...

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bricard's picture

It's a clever idea, getting visitors more connected with the penguins. But I feel like the largest target would be children right? The personalities being portrayed should have a younger vibe.

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Guest's picture

80 penguins. 80 personalities. And apparently 80 people took part in this campaign.

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I love these ads. I understand the previous comment about the "younger vibe". I feel the vibe is right on because afterall, parents have to want to bring their kids to see the penguins. It's like the humor in Sesame Street.

MJStinson77's picture

The ad is fine. It's just not very exciting.

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Very well done. I love humoristic ads and this one captured my attention right away while I was in the subway. I couldn't help it they are hillarious.

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This campaign doesn't look particularly impressive the way it's presented here, but I absolutely love the way it looks in the Park Street subway station. Especially because T stations aren't particularly bright, and most subway ads are either boring or not of a very high quality, the colors and execution really stand out, and it looks really cool with all the different representations practically dominating the station walls. Definitely one of my favorite ad campaigns I have the pleasure of seeing on my way to work. :)

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personally I think this ad campaign is very effective at attracting the attention of an older crowd. I didn't necessarily have an inclination to go to the aquarium when I moved to Boston, not having any children and thinking of it more as an activity you do with children. These ads make me at least smile every time I see them in the T though and really make me want to see what other clever things the New England Aquarium has going on. I don't even like penguin exhibits; they pretty universally smell the worst!

Guest's picture

This was up there with the Boston Dance Umbrella "silhouettes of dancers" campaign from decades ago (not the voguing iPod ones, although those were well-done, i just wasn't into the product or its exacerbation of kids' already-strong autistic tendencies). The comments for each bird created a sense of appreciation for their individuality (which is not anthropomorphizing, they really are very decisive little presences; just see the "happy dance" video on You Tube, where one just keeps hopping around in goofy circles (I realize, it's probably mating behavior, but he's really into it!), or the "Feeding" one where one bird keeps trying to edge the others out for more than its share of the fish...)

As to smell, this exhibit is one of the cleanest and most cheerful I've seen, worth a visit, definitely!

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