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December 2009
Nescafe:  The library
Nescafe Print Ad -  The library


Print advertisement created by Storåkers, Sweden for Nescafe, within the category: Non-Alcoholic Drinks.


Great ideas come from great coffee

Advertising Agency: Storåkers McCann, Stockholm, Sweden
Art Director: Patrik Reuterskiöld
Copywriter: Hanna Belander
Photographer: Bobo Olsson
Additional credits: Martin Johansen, Jacob Hamilton, Sophia Breme, Ro
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rolling.stone's picture

an ad made for advertising guys

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Copywriter at Delhi , India |


~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

bad astronaut's picture

hmmm.....having sex at a library is the great idea?

bad astronaut
Activity Score 540
Mr.Zorba's picture

come n .... yes its great ... i love it

Activity Score 25
Graphic Designer at dunia production
Adaddicted's picture

"Great ideas come from previous posts" ; )

Activity Score 3431
Art Director |


pez's picture

having sex in a library is definitely a great idea...

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Creative Director
whatthefudge's picture

I guess that the woman became attracted by the dirrrty socks, and not the coffee?

Activity Score 1266
patUDAY's picture

having sex IS great idea. Anywhere. Anytime. But...

Activity Score 436
Creative Director at Salt Solutions |

UDAYpatwardhan@+91 22 98206 54722

Misstree's picture

And the coffee's not yet drunk. The steam's still on in the visual (literally that is :)

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Copywriter |


Not all who wander are lost.

satrianee's picture

I guess the team has a different brand at the office...

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xcreativity's picture

i think the copy could be better and the visual give wings to too many interpretations

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Alexandre Brito
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kimi yancek's picture

nice work...

kimi yancek
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atb2005's picture

Great ideas may come from great coffee, but great advertising comes from Sweden! This one goes straight to my favorites.

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Phil Lestino's picture

Isn't it great sex that comes from sweden....?

Phil Lestino
Activity Score 1682
nspad's picture

I think I need some of that coffee because this ad is making me fall asleep...

Activity Score 96
Copywriter at Saatchi & Saatchi, New Zealand
atb2005's picture

You could have said that in a separate post, right?

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Blashyrkh's picture


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Art Director
silvi's picture

Sorry, i don´t get it

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Dadaism's picture

Office will be a better place! Nobody is allow to drink coffee in a library.

Activity Score 161
Darling Design
R U serious's picture

The great idea was to get out of the library and access Google from the chick's home.

* Old farts in the creative dept alert.

R U serious
Activity Score 416

Say my name, say my name...

CopyRight's picture

lovely idea, but the "great idea" inside this idea isn't great, I've seen it in Friends.

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karan raghav's picture

love it...

karan raghav
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Copywriter at Ogilvy delhi |

Carlos Garcia's picture

What's great about this idea?

Carlos Garcia
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Copywriter at Zwela |


JamaisVu's picture

I've seen people having sex at the library, but never saw anyone having coffee.

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rolling.stone's picture

an ad made for advertising guys

Activity Score 2739
Copywriter at Delhi , India |


~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

SAM75's picture

I can't see the point about that "Gr8 idea".

Activity Score 220
thecreature's picture

I cannot see how this ad gets approved in Nestle. Knowing them, they have never seen this piece. And the smelly socks and shoes next to the packshot? Impossible and disgusting. Love the art though, great design! In fact, the idea is good, just the execution sucks. Sex being the great idea? Common!

Activity Score 97
Creative Director at Prague
andylefty's picture

Quite comical but a bit off point.

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Graphic Designer at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design
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