Balance, 2

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February 2016
Neo Duo:  Balance, 2
Neo Duo Print Ad -  Balance, 2

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Print advertisement created by Grey, Costa Rica for Neo Duo, within the category: Pharmaceutical.


Some things are tough to swallow. Bring digestion back to balance.

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Ramat Ajala's picture

Impressive art, but the idea is a little bit confusing. Seem two ideas in one.

Ramat Ajala
Activity Score 792
Dzsoi's picture

Agree, the message is securely kept away from understanding with 2 different locks.

Activity Score 8563
Wordnerd's picture

I don't get it. Is the protagonist the guy who discovered the cockroach in his food (and doesn't swallow at all) - or, the guy who sold it to him (and in that case it should be a product against shitting your pants ;)

Ooooor: Is the ad telling you to eat gross food anyways because there is this wonderpill? Hm.
"Bring digestion back to balance." is super general so no clarification there either. I'm lost

Activity Score 6620
Notorious's picture

Nice direction. Nice Twist but Stupid Idea because only Extacy and LSD with the right set and setting will make you feel OK with roaches.

Activity Score 666
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outsmart me, if you can

Pete R.'s picture

Yes, good art. Concept fail.

Pete R.
Activity Score 3374
bobafett's picture

Guess some ideas are though to swallow too

Activity Score 2300
Chief Creative Officer
Priya Wijetunga's picture

Nice art.

Priya Wijetunga
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General Manager
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