Escape, 4

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December 2008
National Express:  Escape, 4


Print advertisement created by Dentsu, United Kingdom for National Express, within the category: Transport.

Advertising Agency: Dentsu London, UK
Creative Director: Andy Lockley
Art Director: Andy Preston
Copywriter: Joe Williams
Photographer: Flickr
Designer: Winston Archer
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LeeHarvey's picture

Funny campaign. Great photography (flickr!)

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Creative Director
evansgarcia's picture

so bad!

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Web Designer
WillBuller's picture

Its like a joke that's funny the first time, and then gets annoying after you hear it...say...three more times. I like the concept, and I'm sure it could have been extended to different, equally humorous, executions.
Also, I could see this transferring to television pretty well.

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Art Director at URBAN FINCH - Lincoln, Ne |


never stop exploring.


krautland's picture

such an old joke. and please get a pro even when attempting to fake an amateur shot. this is just so cluttered and poorly composed.

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Art Director at erm... no calls please.
ragecg's picture

Um... does one have to be English to get this or?

There is no quickly obvious photographic alteration, so a difference in the images is out of the question before I move my eyes to the next product poster on the wall.

Such a shame really.

Poor execution:(

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elnietodeNicho's picture

the first ones of these where way better... these are just the same ads in different shots.

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Copywriter at euro rscg beker
corre's picture

I like funny. It made me chuckle, a little. But it's all due to the copy, I think the execution lacks something. Something about the photo.
(I'm glad the brussel sprouts are in it though)

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capywriter's picture

suspiciously the exact same idea as these (who were published about a year ago)

In fact both concepts are done by the same copy and AD, but for a different client at a different agency... Sorry guys, the first campaign was way better. You should have sticked to that...

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Copywriter at Freelance
LeeHarvey's picture

Wow, real 'one-trick-ponies', these guys!

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Creative Director
Guest's picture

should be ashamed

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