Naked, 3

March 2007
 Naked, 3
 Naked, 3



Improve your flexibility
Not as thick. Just as warm. All the rubber you'll need.

Advertising Agency: The Furnace, Australia
Executive Creative Director: Rob Martin Murphy
Art Director: Paris Giannakis
Copywriter: Andrew Allsop
Photographer: Jimmy Fok
Production Company: Katapolt Photography Management and Productions
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osmosis's picture

good realisation, but Im sorry, using sexual connotations to sell products makes the whole concept a bullshit. Try exploring better ways next time.

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Art Director
adcook's picture

Move along Osmosis, this campaign is fantastic. Especially considering the target - surfers. Sounds like someone's a little bitter?

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Rog's picture

And we're talking Australian surfers.
That, right there my friends, is nothing short of surf nirvana.

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Copywriter |

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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