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August 2007
MTV:  Snoop tag
MTV Print Ad -  Snoop tag


Print advertisement created by Lowe, Australia for MTV, within the category: Media.

Advertising Agency: Lowe Hunt, Sydney, Australia
Creative Team: Dejan Rasic, Rebecca Carrasco, Howard Collinge
Photographer: Andreas Smetana
Producers: Rachel Henderson, Kristen
Stylist: Suzannne King
Retouching: Electric Art
Agency Head of Production: Darren Bailey
Agency Producers: Lisa Cordukes, Charna Henry
MTV Creative Director: Vanessa Zuppicich
MTV Marketing Team: Colin Blake, Sam Coombes
MTV Managing Director: Dave Sibley
MTV Communications & Publicity Manager: Laura Vozzo
Media: Computer screen wallpaper
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♥ get lost ad freak ♠'s picture

cheap "biatches" and ridiculous personality cult.
wow. that's the high art of advertising.

♥ get lost ad f...
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Scam Detector's picture

This is so not cool.

Scam Detector
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General Manager
Blahg's picture

Thats a lot of people taking credit for "let's show a womans breasts to get their attention."

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Great jubblies, poor ad.

A 'snoop dog tag' ha ha.

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We're going to need more lube.

gienel's picture

Can i sign too...

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saidukaringa's picture

The next sign should be below panties.
That also get more attraction

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Saidu Karinga
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pixelbomb1's picture

The Australian government has denied Snoop Dogg entry into the country most likely stemming from his recent marijuana and gun convictions. According to sources, government officials say Snoop, “isn’t the sort of bloke” they want in Australia.
Snoop was scheduled to co-host this weekend’s MTV Australian Video Music Awards, but these plans will obviously be canceled as well.

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Arnold Santillan


Ah I see, it makes alot more sense knowing that. Perhaps the ads need to work harder to get people who didn't know that already to get it.

I dunno, a better line or something.

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We're going to need more lube.

ndejesus's picture

Isn't it kinda odd that the Australian government would deny Snoop because of is criminal record considering that the country was founded as a refuge for England's criminals? Anyhow, its probably the same as the US not allowing mexican or cuban immigrants.

Weird how things work out...

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Frane Rectal's picture

damn, that was the most ridiculous comment i've read in a while.
thank god you ended up in advertising and not in politics.

and who gives a damn about snoop anyway...

Frane Rectal
Blahg's picture

New York began as a Dutch fur trading post but that doesn't mean that New Yorkers are searching for beavers. The US denies Cuban and Mexian immigrants because the sheer numbers mean that there are a lot of poorly qualified uneducated candidates.

The Australian government is denying Snoop Dogg because he has been arrested for multiple drug charges, weapon possession counts, and assault amongst others.

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oshe's picture

delicious photo, nice girl, bad concept, bored ard direction


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Yr's picture

for me - this sign would look better on the butts (two halfs i mean))

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everartz's picture

guys.. everyone.. remember the sharp knife ads? i think they are in the 2nd page... i said we need to cut through the bad advertising using these knifes.. i think first campaign is the one we are seeing here!!!

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| everartz |

Spanky's picture

nice tits. bad ad.

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proverbialthought's picture

This ad puts the BOO in Boobs...

Culture In Ads:

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Darren holden brown's picture

Guys this is only a screensaver and part of a MUCH bigger integrated campaign for MTV. Go to and it will all make sense.

Darren holden brown

That explains its lack of clarity here.

Would have been better if it could stand alone as well though.

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We're going to need more lube.

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