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January 2010
MTV:  Lemmy


Print advertisement created by Jung von Matt, Germany for MTV, within the category: Media.


Lemmy Kilmister
Canada in the spring of 1975. Thrown out of the band because of his problems with drugs, Ian Fraser Kilmister has a decision to make. Withdrawal or excess? He can also do it without the stuff, but his songs miss it sorely. At the same rate as his passion for music is dwindling, his collection of Nazi toys is growing. The warts on his face confirm his place on the margins of society. That's what relaxes his attitude to drugs. He starts to drink again early, but it's too late for a career as a rock 'n' roller. Canada in spring 1975: Lemmy Kilmister seeks advice in making his decision from Jack Daniels.

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There's a lot of work in this art, but i'm not sure if the message is clear or has impact...

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