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December 2009
Mr Muscle:  Snake


Instantly getting rid of stubborn kitchen which are like monsters clinging to utensils.

Photographer:Patrick Yim

Print advertisement created by FCB, Hong Kong for Mr Muscle, within the category: House, Garden.

Advertising Agency: Draftfcb Hong Kong

Creative Directors: ,

Art Directors: Henry Kwok, Vincent Cheng

Copywriter: Walter Wu

Illustrator: Henry Kwok

Retoucher : Fred Lam

Published: September 2009
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Migzter13's picture

wow.. this cobra looks kick-ass! haha

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manish_parsodkar's picture

At first glance it looks like a chocolet rather than stain, but love the photoshop work

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Art Director at Dubai |

manish parsodkar
Art Director

sirvan's picture

Strange that these are right next to the Miami Ad School work, which is very similar.

/probably not a conspiracy ;)

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morse's picture

I like the visuals a lot. Concept is good too.

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bobby666's picture

quite agree with manish. but gd concept.

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bubblestheclownfish's picture

Ugh. Yeah - stains in my house are made up of 3 gallons of used motor oil [rolls eyes]. Come on people. These ads stink. Show me a close up of the ACTUAL stain, and then make the proportionate stain look like a monster/creature that grips to your appliances in _some_ creative fashion. Yes - it's been done before, but it's better than this. This recent trend to show off 3d/render skills making some shape out of nothing is tired, and exists solely as a render showcase, not as part of an effective campaign.

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imagineit's picture

I am really impressed with these ads. Nice work - they def caught my attention!

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anHiiieeta's picture

pakaau ....

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