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November 2010
Moustaches Make A Difference:  Stalin


Print advertisement created by TBWA, Singapore for Moustaches Make A Difference, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.


Communist / Conqueror
Moustaches Make A Difference.
This month, help us support prostate cancer research by growing a moustache.
If you can't get grow one, get one at, and encourage your friends to donate.

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Singapore, Singapore
Creative Directors: Hagan de Villiers, Gary Steele
Art Directors: Reginald Ocampo, Danny Teo
Copywriters: James Holman, Martin Loh
Illustrator: Reginald Ocampo, Roger Tan
Developers: Tony Chew, Sean Tan
Production Managers: Sally Sim, Allen Pattiselanno
Account Service: Jaclyn Lee, Alrick Dorett
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Blashyrkh's picture

I've been supporting prostate cancer for years without knowing it. Eww.

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Art Director
morse's picture

Funny how Hitler has been left out from the series.

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Art Director |

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

lessismore's picture

man you just stole my words :)

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Graphic Designer
Guest's picture
Guest's picture

"reminds" only? You're being nice.
It's a total rip off.
And what about the idea?? For Cancer? Seriously? So you have to read the little words at the bottom of the ad to understand it's about cancer? What a shame.

And growing moustache for cancer? That's stupid.

mralanjones's picture

This campaign is a rip

But Movember is an awesome idea so don't bag it.

Activity Score 257
Copywriter at Stanley St
velle's picture

the campaign for oogmerk using before and after glasses works better - it plays on the 'with glasses you look smarter/more distinguished, et. al angle.' however, it lets you off the hook if you dont NEED glasses...

although similar, the campaign for prostate cancer i find preachy, and you don't have an excuse not to vote - if you dont grow your moustache, you're lower in social status... well, its a fine line between that and funny, and i know there is an attempt to be funny. however thats not coming through

it also doesnt directly link to prostrate cancer - unless as one poster suggested, youre a manlier man if you support prostate cancer, the line doesn't say it

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ivan's picture

Guys and girls you can support the cause virtually as well by using virtual mustaches. :{ :[ :=)

Creative Director at Ads of the World
lahaff's picture

Fuck yes this is nice. I'm working on my wife beater as we speak.

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CMON's picture
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Guest's picture

This is actually a pretty nice campaign. Cool stuff, nice and simple.

Shawali's picture

Conqueror? Really? Polish people are not going to be huge fans of this one. Using mass murderers to promote a good cause isn't really wise.. Poor taste, imho.

Activity Score 8408
Art Director at freelance visual creative/Paris, France |

No one cares about child labor, eye donation or saving the Earth: NO PSA!!!

Guest's picture

Nice. Although this campaign has been going on in Sweden for 3 years now.

JeffP's picture

Stalin, really?

Activity Score 802
Marketing Manager at TomTom
Guest's picture

you forgot hitler and mao and moussolini and omg this ads suck

ivan's picture

Mao and Mussolini didn't have a mustache.

Creative Director at Ads of the World
Asynchrone's picture

They should have (:

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Administrative |

JCSaiKrishna's picture

Without getting deep into details, though the same concept was used, this work will work!

Activity Score 725
Copywriter at Ogilvy & Mather |
I'm excited to know my mistakes!

Billoughsby's picture

Stal, baby, that's YOU!

Activity Score 5140
Art Director |

That's it.

elyoshiro's picture

its the same idea

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Creative Director at Dir. Creativo Digital |

Guest's picture

He's not a conqueror but a mass murderer. Open up a history book next time.

Felicitas_Pauker's picture

First: I hate when campaign have more than 3 subjects. If you had a good idea, thumbs up!!! But don't become an adv-stalker
Second: some subjects are reasonable silly and they show some political/historical ignorance
Last but not least: the logo reminds me of a whale and not of mustaches. Fail!!!

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krautland's picture

Stalin? STALIN? are these people on crack? he wasn't a conqueror but a dictator who created gulacs, startet the great purge and had a non-agression pact with hitler. and I haven't even started talking about the mass extermination of his own people.

but the mustache, that made the difference.
the cd who signed off on this is a moron.

Activity Score 3182
Art Director at erm... no calls please.
Guest's picture

This is offensive.
Stalin murdered more people than Hitler. White-washing his brutality by calling him a "conqueror" is beyond ignorance and beyond insensitivity.

velle's picture


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Guest's picture

Like it. If you do Stalin you must do Hitler as well, the two are equivalent.

Hiperion's picture

Done in Belgium before for optics.

Activity Score 3092
Creative Director at zinkproject Valencia
Guest's picture

This mean that be a conqueror is better than a communist¿? You suck!

velle's picture

all this done before comments...

we have been comparing before and afters since the invention of the wheel probably
caveman 1: ooga booga, square wheel run better or round wheel run better booga booga test drive
caveman 2 (gets on bike with square wheels)
cavemen 3: (gets on bike with round wheels)
caveman 1: booger booger go!
come on.........................

its still a vaild communication device.

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Nasheet's picture

done already

Activity Score 87
Art Director at Ogilvy & Mather, New Delhi
Guest's picture

That is awfully lame.

Conqueror, ha? Rather a blood-thirsty mass murderer.

Guest's picture

you people read way too much into the use of stalin because of his lack of positive connotations. the ad is about mustaches and truth be told, stalin had an awesome mustache. so regardless of whether he used it for good or for evil, stalin's 'stache is a symbol. not everything is a personal commentary on the actions of dictators. Although, I do agree, conquerer may not have been the ideal word, however i would chalk it up to the designer's dersire to use alliteration. And not doing hitler was a copout, i even searched for it in case i might have missed it.

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