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waste of a photo shoot

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i'm a this stupid that I really don't understand the clue??????

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what tha?

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if anyone can explain these, i would give them a million dollars!

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this is my account number 111 222 333 /999, creative bank, any branch you find.. just deposit the million dollars there and i'll take them. about the idea here is the explanation: THIS IS THE MOST DUMB THING EVER!!

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calm down, it's liquor ads. they always want a mood or lifestyle "concept".

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Reflex in water explains the photoshop skill of designer!

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Can anybody tell me what is going on with this series of ads...are they meant to be so strikingly different from typical pack shot they will be remembered...the whole "shanghai to London" thing comes through from the shot but it still leaves me asking...WTF???

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ya everartz, i agree this is the dumbest thing ever... your million dollars will be transfered to your very cryptic account number!

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These are horrible.

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the concept: foreground // background

:exotic import:

monkeys, liquors, skinny chinese.

mm.. donlike it. not strong

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I got the point, I see it now... She's holding a locked box of liquers, but the monkey (closest to us) holding a key! That's for now, I don't have further time to think about the whole point...

Design with no knowledge about printing, it's not design!

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