Green, 3

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November 2008
Moen:  Green, 3


Print advertisement created by Marc, United States for Moen, within the category: House, Garden.

Advertising Agency: MARC USA, Pittsburgh, USA
Creative Directors: Francis Cleetus
Art Director: Dena Mosti
Copywriter: Francis Cleetus
Production: Daniele Caruso
Photography: Frank Walsh and Vertis
Retouchers: Dave Bernhardt and Vertis
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`The 4.5 year old home...` comes across as too contrived to deliberately offset the `4.5 billion year old home`... at the bottom.I can see somebody thinking-``Darn mine is going to be a new home..`` Except that this is a very good ad from all aspects of ad making; especially for a product like this.

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Creative Director, Monsoon Marketing Communications, Doha, Qatar |


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That was my very initial reaction, too. The whole "4.5 year old home/4.5 billion year old home" part was a bit too contrived a line to play off of each other (they should be hyphenated, BTW.) But I disagree with you on the second part of your comment. While this ad looks extremely appealing to the eye, it is lacking in any real advertising concept. Yes, we get it that they're a "green" company. Yes, we get it that their products have a state-of-the-art design component, etc, etc. But what's the scratch here? It simply reads like an ad "statement" in the brief. And while the whole "ying/yang" device holds the campaign together well visually, it only comes across as a cheap gimmick and nothing more. (Although, I must admit, I can't remember the last time I saw a gimmick looking this beautiful.)
It is a good ad in that it says what it needs to say in a very clear way. I'll give you that much. But I guess I was waiting for that "hey, this is purty smart!" moment.

Sadly, it never came...

Jet Propulsion Lab
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deserved a metal for art direction, great!

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oh my god. give me a break...

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Are you serious? If you consider torn paper (popular in 1992) and glows medal-worthy, you got problems.

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deserved a metal for art direction ooohhhhh cool

sunil chennoju
art director

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heheheheh!! hahahahahahahaaaha!!

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WTF? Their new, fancy faucets leak?

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Don't think I'd choose the ole torn paper look for an e-friendly message.

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