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January 2011
MOCTU:  Playstation


Print advertisement created by Grey, Canada for MOCTU, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Grey, Toronto, Canada
Executive Creative Director: Carl jones
Creative Directors: Gerald Schoenhoff, Shane Ogilvie
Art Director: Liz Donnelly
Copywriter: Neal Kholsa
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I've got a whole bunch of ideas for a follow-up...give me a call!

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Well I kinda like the insight, but not the final product. Playstation has for years campaigned with "Double Life", the life we live inside games, and that it takes us to places we can only dream of. This ad shows that you can go to some of those places in real life as well. But, as I said, the way it presents that inside is weak.

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dean viii
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it dont concept

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That made too much sense.

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A small idea made tiny by the DTPer's widow-blindness on 'Plastics moulding technician' - there was precisely the same letterspace available as the preceding line - should have been spotted before it was approved. Ditto the lazy layout of the last paragraph, easily put into 3 lines.

Can't see any insight here unless the goal is to bore people into studying lists.

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Just to put some insight into this. Being someone who lives in Toronto where these ads are run on the TTC (transit) these ads are refreshing. They're designed very well for the space. Obviously they aren't the best award winning stellar glam ads, but considering that the audience is limited as is the budget these are fantastic. Our TTC ads are full of boring often poorly designed pieces (think Erectile Dysfunction, Canadian TV Shows, the Spanish center - all low budget and look like they were done on a powerpoint slide). This ad stands out from most of the other ones, talking to teenagers without being too preachy or trying too hard to be "cool". Plus consider the limitations on how clever and edgy government funded advertising can be.

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That does actually throw a little positive light on the campaign. Given the boredom of travel without something to read, I can see this would be a welcome distraction. But I don't think the argument about govt.-funded advertising is valid, given other examples hereabouts of lavish wastes of money.

If the agency had provided a little background on this, including placement (and without mentioning figures, the magic phrase 'limited budget'), the scalpel sharks here would probably have been more forgiving with their tearing the campaign to pieces.

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I kinda second terraloire's opinion. We need to thing the darker side of things too before spontaneously commenting on how bad an ad is. After getting this kinda insight it changes a person's perspective to look at the ad. But again... whatever the budgets maybe creativity isn't a big issue. I think the ad might have broken the clutter of horrible ads in that area... but could the thought have been presented in a better way?

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