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Done for a Mexican beer about seven years ago. Don't remember the brand, but the tv ads were very funny.

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sorry i don't get it!

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Americans being caught in imigration by mexican police. It's the mexican dream. Just like this drink.

The concept it's funny, but the art direction lacks realism to the scene. It's too fake.

Chico Ribeiro
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poo poo

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We're going to need more lube.

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The photoshop job is horrible the longer I look at it.

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The beer was Victoria, the brand sister of Corona, it was about or two americans trying to carry tons of Victoria´s to the US.

Ladislao Mijangos
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Really, really bad...

el d1eg0
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the thought about a mexican dream is a cool plattform... but the look, hmmmm

Jarne von Wolfsburg
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* * * * *

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Thanx, thats a lot more objetive than "really really bad" and "poo poo" Ill totally work on the look.

Juan Pablo De Gamboa
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You might want to crop your shot tighter. Lose the sky background on the right. Whitebread Americans in a truck, caught by a cop in a distinctly Mexican uniform, maybe see a bit of the cop's skin tone on his hands and face - that's all you need.

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Dont mind cropping, maybe sunset in dark blues like the top. Red sky steals the eye and conflicts with product.
Light is too flat on people, just darkening or burning tones may not save this as a torch light would give more contrast and strong hard shadows. The young guy in front looks to be making most real reaction. Treatment on cop as mentioned above.
I've seen that highway sign too, it actually exists.

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== Bring back fags, lard and the biff.

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