The End

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October 2009
Mercedes:  The End


Print advertisement created by Jung von Matt, Austria for Mercedes, within the category: Automotive.


Navigation and entertainment in one.

Advertising Agency: Jung con Matt/Donau, Vienna, Austria
Art directors: Volkmar Weiss, Dian Warsosumarto
Copywriters: Andreas Putz, Thomas Niederdorfer
Photographer: Jork Weismann
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I don´t get it.

Marlus Lau
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Nice idea

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? ??????

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Guest's picture

I think that "the end" is the end of a movie (entertainment) and "the end" of the road/trip (navigation).

dthlb72's picture

... and just reach home.

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Art Director, ADK Malaysia
Hellas's picture

i get it but the idea is too forced. from looking at this ad what i think at first is that these people finally found their dream house. the end.

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"I don't live in Greece, Greece lives in me..."

AmigoInvisible's picture

Lovely idea, but like it has been pointed out, so-so execution. Is this even a house that someone who owned a Mercedes would live in?

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Yeah, this idea's a bit weak. Tries too hard and the payoff is a disappointment.

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Copywriter at School of Visual Arts
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Oh c'mon. It's great ad, great campaign. It's obviously not created for festivals and it's simple and clear. Very memorable and witty. Congrats for the team.

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Guest's picture

neither simple nor clear !! I rly can't get it until now!!!!!! I think maybe he means that this is the END because they have no mercedes in the parking?

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This is what I gather from the execution: The "Splitview" (assuming this is a screen inside the car) provides both navigation and entertainment. Hence the rearview camera (navigation while parking) and the old-school "End" title (entertainment).

If so, I stand by my initial opinion—good concept and so-so execution (and I think it may be as simple as changing the background photo).

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Idea is OK, art isn't

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~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

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Great work.

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'Fin' was better. 'The End' has one word too many.

Krik Krak Krow
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