Left Brain - Right Brain, Music

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February 2011
Mercedes:  Left Brain - Right Brain, Music


Print advertisement created by Y&R, Israel for Mercedes, within the category: Automotive.

Advertising Agency: Shalmor Avnon Amichay/Y&R Interactive Tel Aviv, Israel
‏Chief Creative Director: Gideon Amichay

Executive Creative Director: Tzur Golan

Creative Director: Yariv Twig
‏Art Directors: Gil Aviyam, Dror Nachumi
‏Illustrators: Gil Aviyam, Lena Guberman
‏Copywriters: Sharon Refael, Oren Meir
‏Executive Client Director: Adam Polachek
‏Account Supervisor: Yael Yuz
‏Account Manager: Mayran Sadeh
‏Head of Strategic Planning: Yoni Lahav
‏Planning Director: Zohar Reznik
‏Planner: Nili Rabinowitz
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CuriousPencil's picture

Gil, Lena, Sharon, Oren,

You're awesome. I'm in love with this illustration and the copy had hairs on my arms dancing like spiders on speed.

On an advertising note, is there a follow-up to connect it closer to the client? I'm not being critical, just curious, because this is a *moving* series, which is no doubt why the client loved it. I look it and see two sides. Then I see the tagline 'the best or nothing' - which is also two sides. Which eventually makes me want to wonder "am I being asked to choose between my left and right, between the best and nothing, do I have to decide if I'm analytical or creative? Because I want both." And the client tagline doesn't say 'both'. So unless you can persuade them to tweak their tag, I'd love if you made a follow-up that married this campaign more closely with their words. But still, congratulations on all of these. Beautiful work.

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Ron Burgundy's picture

The illustrations should be wall art, but I am finding a hard connection to the idea with the copy

CP, if you see dancing spiders on speed, your probably on mushrooms :]

Ron Burgundy
Activity Score 1616
Art Director at Southern California
almondtruffle's picture

lovely whimsical feel!

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Nude Copy's picture

I am the viewer who sees the ad. The one who judge. The one who perceive. The one to decide. I like the illustration. The art. I am skeptical. Whether the ad is best or nothing.

Nude Copy
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Copywriter at India
Prof's picture

the left side of the brain*
the right side of the brain*

pedantic fix, but who has two brains...

nice art, bleh concept. doesnt feel like mercedes at all.

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Copywriter |

Quite really.

morse's picture

Very pretty.

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Art Director |

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

luispiter's picture

nice.. i like the illustration

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kleenex's picture


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jmcguireguthrie's picture

Gorgeous artwork, but it looks a bit familiar. Cornett had an eerily similar left brain/right brain design on its homepage for a year and half. It was just taken down in October. http://www.cornettims.com/the-tail-of-two-brains/

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Public Relations
Beamen's picture

Don't understand the concept and the link with the brand. Mercedes is a car for classic persons without specific personality. Luxury, not crazyness... Fail for me. Same if the ad is beautiful!

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