001 Step to prodigious healthcare

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September 2009
Meltin'Pot:  001 Step to prodigious healthcare


Print advertisement created by Armando Testa, Italy for Meltin'Pot, within the category: Fashion.

Advertising Agency: Armando Testa, Turin, Italy
Executive Creative Director: Michele Mariani
Creative Director: Luca Cortesini
Art Director: Luca Cortesini, Laura Sironi
Copywriter: Maria Meioli
Photographer: Dimitri Daniloff
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everartz's picture

this campaign put me in a very confusing state of mind that the photography is really beautiful but the idea " if there is an idea" is bad!
so im asking you ivan, why do you publish such ads on AotW?

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ivan's picture

Why do I post such ads? I'm not sure what you mean by "such", but I assume it means "ads that have an unclear idea but great execution". I post them because they are inspiring in terms of art direction or photography. It's also informative to know which art director/illlustrator/photographer can do a certain type of job that may be useful for your next job.

Btw, I think the idea is clear. It's a fantasy world. Mixing politics and sex with irreverent jeans culture. It's all about the feeling that this brand gives you, it's not a specific product advantage. It's an imagined advantage. It's an extrinsic value. That's how most fashion ads are.

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Kenneth Dreyer's picture

I guess this is one of those ads you have to know to brand to understand what it's all about?

Kenneth Dreyer
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Kenneth Dreyer

Guest's picture

dontl ike it

Guest's picture

This ads are silly and, for me, art direction is not good here...

Jon-Paul Mountford's picture

I really like them.
good, utterly bonkers art direction.

but is it a worry that a neckbrace is a necessity for both healthcare and banking??

Jon-Paul Mountford
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