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June 2010
McDonald's:  Medium
McDonald's Print Ad -  Medium


McDonald's in Israel changed the menu to much less calories and fat.

Print advertisement created by TBWA, Israel for McDonald's, within the category: Food.


McDonald's, It's not what you had in mind...

Advertising Agency: TBWA/Yehosua, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Creative Director: Edo Karib
Art Director: Ziv Almog
Copywriter: Ayelet Klein
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yeah....if I saw that as size tag, I'd think I was a fat ass.

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yeah....if I saw that as size tag, I'd think I was a fat ass.

jackmancer2017's picture

After a while I understood it, they are sizes. At first it looked like some weird Scrable to me. They shouldn't had made those labels square. But even then I don't like it. So McDonalds is medium now??

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really? scrabble?

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Honestly, I guess you should stop commenting on ads in AOTW, since the portfolio in your site is, at best, pedestrian (that's way below trainee level). I must say I really appreciate your gumption to make public your shoddy website.

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McDonald's stands for FAT ASS....

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McDonald's in Israel changed the menu to much less calories and fat.

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really? that's awesome!

Billoughsby's picture

Nice looking. I'm guessing they're saying McD's is not size 52 double knit tent pants. That's the rap it gets, and McD's is hitting it head-on, after a fashion.

The problem I have with this, of course, is that to even address this question or issue smacks of protesting too much. Set up a traffic cam outside a McD's and watch all those double wide people coming and going. So in deciding to "keep it real", they essentially have to keep it in the realm of denying and unreal PR.

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Art Director |

That's it.

TommyO's picture

Is this an attempt to create an identity between McDonald's and Medium size?
I don't buy it.

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Copywriter |

That's me!

gon_enelcamino's picture

medium size burgers? This would be a nice Burger King ad... in fact, I think it has already been done this way

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dont misguide with creatives mate.....

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this ad was just a small part of the McD campaign in israel.
there were print and TV ads ( that compared between McD products to other food products, most of them considered healthy (like Mosley).
The McD products in israel are much different from anywhere else in the world: Big Mac has 576 calories all over the world but in israel only 380 calories per unit (same size 210 g), So come and eat here - its healthier.

akshaysrikar's picture

you are not fooling anybody McDonalds. Whatever said and done everybody knows you'll always be in the 'L' & 'XL' range.... always. maybe even 'XXLL' .

but that doesn't mean im going to throw my Quarter Pounder away, screw that, im lovin it.

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this will never convince anyone.

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royschellekens's picture

Yes it does. It convinced me not to go tonight to stay a size S.... :-P

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Art Director at Art Director |

Hate advertising? Make better ads.

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I don't agree with what it claiming it copy.

headoffice Comm...
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ERROR404's picture

misleading and bad copy.

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Jupiter's picture

I'll buy any meal... but not this one...

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Artifarty |

commenting just to gather more pencils:-)

himanshu prabhakar's picture

Smart concept i like it! but u have to do smart execution

himanshu prabhakar
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Art Director at Discovery communications india pacific |

Himanshu Prabhakar

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very good

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Creative Director
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Interesting idea but it doesn't quite work for me. I kinda need to see a direct change from big to small. Instead, this just puts me in the middle and shows all the other sizes along with it. Thanks for sharing though!

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Creative Director at Lowe Roche, Toronto
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Ya he visto la idea y el recurso unas 400 veces. Incluso con Burguer.

Billoughsby's picture

I agree! bring back the Hamburglar and Mayor McCheese.

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Art Director |

That's it.

Anonymous Author's picture

What about McD's was I supposed to have in mind in the first place? And anyway, they don't even look like real sanitary pads.

Anonymous Author
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Write a wise saying and your name will live forever – Anonymous.

velle's picture

it doesn't work.
the take out i got was, mcd is now available in Regular (medium) and not just XL, Large, and Small. we all know Regular has always existed so it's confusing.
the size labels just add to the confusion. the copy isn't helping.
i understand what youre trying to say, but you shouldnt have to explain it in a rationale for us to get it

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