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I'm not lovin' it.

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Johnson's record was at 200m, not 100m.

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Hey moonunit, Bolt broke both records. Just thought you should know.

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I know, but the "Article" talks about the nuggets he ate on the day of the 100m run, not the 200m run.

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This is purile. How McDonalds can associate its food with the 100m sprint record breaker as if its nutritional value made the difference is utterly outrageous. Sigh. This has got to be a joke. Please tell me this didn't actually run... No pun intended!

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anybody seen the designer?

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McDonald's is right to jump all over this. Remember, Mickey D's is all about grabbing your kids and grabbing them early. And if you don't think little kids aren't out there running around eating McNuggets pretending to be Usain Bolt, then you don't know the power of marketing to kids. Problem here is that the message and the media is misplaced. McDonald's needs to get Mr. Bolt in some TV spots in a hurry. (pun intended)


"It's Toasted!"

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do you really think consumers will believe that it takes nuggets to get you to the olympics?

this is treating the consumer like an idiot. this is nothing more than brand association.

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Sparky, welcome to the wonderfully idiotic world of advertising. This is why a headline like "It's Toasted" actually sells.

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what the ad says is: chicken used for mc nuggets are loaded with anabolica and other illegal dope :-)

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Hey people, this is advertising!Mc Donald's has the right to gloat if this is true!100 mts/200 mts...don't get so literal!Do you think the regular consumer even cares to go into these details

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Yeah, if Mickey D's is going to lie about its product, why not lie about the race stats?

And I honestly do hope that people are smart enough to recognize how ludicrous this is, but I doubt it these days.

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I'm hating it. Mc Donalds are a huge brand. Pay someone more for better ideas.

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