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February 2010
MASP:  Rembrandt


I saw a photographer before photography was invented. I saw Rembrandt. I saw his brush strokes shaping me. I saw the beginning of a new era. I saw Baroque, I saw Impressionism, I saw Realism. I saw Europe. I saw the world. I saw Brazil. I saw a museum flourish. I saw the dream of a man become the biggest museum in Latin America. But, after seeing all that, there’s one thing I haven’t seen yet: you. Come. I wish to see you.

Print advertisement created by DDB, Brazil for MASP, within the category: Recreation, Leisure.

Advertising Agency: DDB Brazil
Creative Directors: Sergio Valente, Renata Florio, Rodrigo Almeida, Moacyr Netto
Art Director: Rodrigo Bombana
Copywriter: Edson Oda
Account Supervisor: Daniel Malavazzi
Media: Vilma Morais, Maria Angélica Ono
Art Buyer: Clariana da Costa
Graphic Production: Edson Harada
Photographer: Sérgio Prado
Lettering Design: TecaMarttins®
Advertiser's Supervisor: Paulo Donizete
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hermotsura's picture

not a fan of the campaign. the copy is annoying. and melodramatic. they're all like a buncha whiners

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In the quiet words of the Virgin Mary... Come again?

WillyLatasa's picture

Love the copy!

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"Bright ideas bring better results"

silvi's picture

Seems like he´s really talking to you. Great art direction and concept. Great copy too.

Activity Score 4170
Hibon's picture

Great copy, idea and art direction.

Activity Score 3734

Simple ideas are the best !

Ensamblador's picture

Powerfull. Great concept, great copy.

Activity Score 239
Creative Director at OMM ensamblaideas
cosakirida's picture

Done for El Condor de Oro

Activity Score 41
Art Director
Reality Check's picture

The campaign is good enough to merit repeat viewings.

Reality Check
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xcreativity's picture

love the copy

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=== Looking for concept/art creative to form a team to work in independent advertising projects. ===

Alexandre Brito
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ek kanya's picture

have seen wrinkles as text alking about the past before.

ek kanya
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am an advertising junkie | read my flog at

tchifi's picture

Great ! Compelling copy - although a bit difficult to read !

Activity Score 164
Creative Director
alexander_bickov's picture


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bobby666's picture

well done. good campaign. the copy makes the ad more appealing.

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RMG Connect, India
Luis Maram's picture

I have seen the same treatment for a violence domestic campaign ( I think it fits better in that one that in this context

Luis Maram
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Marketing Director |

Luis Maram

Dzsoi's picture

Too much "I saw", it is annoying. Shame, cause the copy is good otherwise (maybe a bit too long).

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Imagepro's picture

Kind of good copy, but to much "I saw"...

Activity Score 112
Art Director
Shubhra Aggarwal's picture

thumbs up! ..and heart warming! =)

Shubhra Aggarwal
Activity Score 86
Marketing Manager
Shubhra Aggarwal's picture

thumbs up! ..and heart warming! =)
BUT a lot f ppl above hv alrdy said.. copy is almost about illegible in the ad! ..thats sad!

Shubhra Aggarwal
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Marketing Manager
mashhie's picture

great copy. the whole series.

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