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September 2011
Madison Sourdough:  Lincoln


Madison Sourdough is a Bread bakery that takes pride in their unique style of rustic artisan bread. They keep it pure and simple creating over 20 styles of bread with only 3 ingredients, Salt, Water & Flower.

Print advertisement created by Lindsay Stone & Briggs, United States for Madison Sourdough, within the category: Food.

Advertising Agency: Lindsay Stone & Briggs, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Bill Winchester
Senior Copywriter: Lee Schmidt
Copywriter: Brett Newski
Art Director: Jake Lee Magyar
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I'm not feeling it.

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.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

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I'll see you and raise you one star. It would have been nice to see the visual/technical chops displayed here lavished on a really good idea.

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That's it.

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No, Billo. No, because you can't say you are not feeling it (you agree with the previous commenter), and yet give it 6 stars. As for the visual/technical chops, they are really nothing special. The entire campaign is an epic fail. I am not surprised though. This is the same agency that gave us the Esotika campaign.

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Should I have cut right to it and said "Dirt good; idea bad"? The grain/dinge/distress is nicely wielded here, and I cannot help appreciating that. (Add that the 19th century monogram logo with the type lock-up at the bottom is not just congruent, but rather tasty -- lesson being it's fine to steal if the sources are old enough.)

It is only in the timid headline that I take exception. I have to ask "Why that?" It feels like dodging the obvious with something even more obvious for many of us.

We'll always have that dirt, though, the biding, dreamy and victorious dust.


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That's it.

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