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June 2012
Love Rocks:  Necks, 3


Print advertisement created by JWT, Germany for Love Rocks, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.


Dont risk your neck.
Your decision for safer sex under

Advertising Agency: JWT, Frankfurt, Germany
Chief Creative Officer: Till Hohmann
Head of Design: Antonio de Luca
Creative Director: Mark Karatas
Art Director: Sabine Frieben
Copywriter: Alexander Dziemba
Photographers: Lumen Jöppich & Dörr
Post Production: Sabine Frieben
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artaud333's picture

This is what happens when you run out of ideas. You start stealing other people's work, namely that of award-winning Paris-based photographer Pauline Thomas ( + + +

I have it on good authority that JWT is more than aware of Pauline Thomas and her work, although I can't go into details for legal reasons.

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DilipRevar's picture

Great Find. First they stole the visual and then created copy. Really very bad ad,

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netei's picture

thanks for the discussion and the beautiful "neck" links! awsome work but it is not about penises, it is about "necks"

discussion is good and deserves room.

well, the campaign for Love Rocks with this executional idea exists for many years and was first published very limited as postcards in some clubs and bars by the mid of 2011 in Germany. way before many of these shows...

to your links. they are beautiful!
if we would have seen them before the making campaign, perhabs they would have inspired us to refine the shooting and make more of it. we wish we had seen the work before. obviously they are about "necks" and have nothing to do with the analogy / comparison of a "penis". the beautiful artist pictures in the above links show heads with earrings and hair and beards and so on... they are not meant to be compared with genital organs. but they are amazing work!

actually, we were looking for "necks" before the execution and found nothing like our executional idea (comparing it with a penis).

maybe we inspired other artists. and it is funny that many artist do the same work. so in your eyes do they also copy each other as well?
and no one should shoot portraits anymore because it is also done before and no cars and landscapes and buildings from above and so on :-))))

To the Germany phrase: "riskier nicht deinen Hals" means "dont risk your life" but translates 1to1 as "dont risk your neck"
First results: they campaign is received very well and bring the brand lots of deserved awareness. we are very happy.

we are not artists.

we are advertisers and play here with an analogy that apparently has noone done before.

so far so good and many thanks for sharing the links with us.

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artaud333's picture

@ netei - just two points:

1) Pauline has been making her "portraits" of necks for at least five years (as long as I've known her), so well before the 2011 postcard campaign.

2) You say that "obviously they are about "necks" and have nothing to do with the analogy / comparison of a "penis". But the appearance of the throat when shot from below has a clearly phallic aspect, and this was no doubt one reason for such a shot to be used in a campaign about safe sex. It's also one key aspect of Pauline's series of pictures.

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Zimbo's picture

Pauline who? It is not the first time that two similar ideas are published in the world. Relax! When I look at the advertising here, I think of a penis. In Paulina's art I think of necks. Sorry.

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advertart9's picture

WOW! SHAME ON JWT! Shame on Mark Karatas, shame on Sabine Frieben, shame on Lumen Jöppich & Dörr and shame on anyone else who took part in this robbery. How does a company with such a big name as JWT blatantly plagiarize a renown artist's work of art? This campaign is clearly a rip off and the original artist Pauline Thomas has been working on this work of art for the last five years at least!

@artaud333 thanks for posting the links...the world should know the truth!

@Zimbo:This campaign is not "a similar idea" - it's stolen and as someone who works in the field I would be ashamed and embarrassed to pass off an artist's work as my own and be paid for it. I am sure there must be legal repercussions to follow. Bad idea guys, you should never steal other people's work, especially when they have won so many awards for it, because you'll get caught!!!

@Netei: I don't know if you work for JWT (I would be embarrassed if I were) but you're way off here. Pauline Thomas has started working on this concept way before the postcards or whatever other excuse you want to come up with here. As for inspire artists? How can you inspire when a company can't even come up with an original idea and is then so void of morals that they won't even give credit where it's due! Shame! The composition is identical to some of Pauline's shots (not improved by any means), the concept stolen and Pauline's work has been put in a different context without so much as a note? As someone in the industry I am appalled at this campaign and saddened because it's campaigns and agencies like this that give advertising a bad name. I also can't believe any photographer would have such low self esteem to agree to just copy someone else work instead of creating art himself or herself.

I am also saddened that the campaign Love Rocks is now associated with an agency that has such low moral standards because they seem to be a great organization. I hope they do not get dragged into this mess because they trusted JWT.

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Zimbo's picture

@advertart9: Can you prove that the idea is stolen? Why do you claim it then? You have no idea of advertising - money for a social campaign? Probably not.

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Zimbo's picture

The following Picture was shot in 1 Januar 2006 from Reka Nyari:
Perhaps the inspiration for Pauline?

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Sorry Pauline - your not the first Person to come up with this idea: Man Ray, PARIS!! 1930:

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