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Love them all! Makes me want to walk more!

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i like them also, but are these ads for a fundraising walk for addiction? safety?... marriage? or is it just trying to position the company as one who is glad to know they are part of peoples lives and success stories? ...a little help anyone.

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it's the old switcheroo

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Do you mean counsellors??

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LOL! 'Councillors'. Heh. Oh, dear. this is definitely the worst of the lot. Hey, Chattopadhyay, maybe you want to get your stuff proofed in Mumbai before you send it out, y'know... people might know how to spell out there.

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This can pass for a coffee ad, or a doodling class, with khadims languishing in a corner. What else to expect from the creative people smoking their brains out at O&M

soumanetra basu
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At first glance, I thought it was all about coffee... great copy, great ad!

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