Eyes, 2

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August 2009
Lomography:  Eyes, 2
Lomography Print Ad -  Eyes, 2

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Print advertisement created by Ondo, Chile for Lomography, within the category: Electronics, Technology.

Advertising Agency: Ondo, Santiago, Chile
Creative Director: Cristián Guerrero
Art Director: Cristián Guerrero
Illustrator: Gonzalo Arevalos
Photographer: Sotelo
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regrat's picture

common, this is bad. this chep fotoshop effect should be something, that represents lomography. i am a big Holga fan... did you even use the camera? or did you just look the photos on and say that would be so cool...

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Creative Director
Guest's picture

you didnt get it salame

federo's picture

Hello Chilean advertiser!! If you write or artdirect bad ads is not this page problem. ITS YOURS. so, please be respectful with people. Or if you dont like critics, don´t submit your work and everyone is happy.

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advertising agency
creativegodown's picture

dont get it, someone plz explain

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Guest's picture

it really is bad photoshop.

regrat's picture

I got it.

its like you would have 4 eyes becaus of the effect of the camera split lenses...

but it still (edited). in my opinion.

this are cameras, that have lenses efect, that makes funny and interesting pictures + its all plastic, and you can have fun developing the films ....

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Creative Director
Guest's picture

I think its a fun ad, though perhaps not appropriately designed for its consumer market. For those who commented, you should keep in mind that "it sucks" is not a very helpful response, true though it may be your opinion. I'm not really that familiar with the product advertised so I would assume that I'm not part of their direct market, but it should have included some sort of referral point (ie: website) to draw new consumers.

regrat's picture

what you say is true.

the thing i dont like is, that they do not show the usp of the lomo... its all about fun ... so much fun ...

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Creative Director
HateOnDave's picture

the images on the website are much more interesting than this. the website i never would have gone to had it not been for the first commenter because it's not listed in the ad.


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silvi's picture

Horrible. Básico. Nada.

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playa's picture

Clone number 1XX makes it a copycat.
Also bad one!

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Art Director at Art Direction |


la marca's picture

La dirección de arte esta bien. puede que el efecto del clon no sea el mejor, pero la pieza no es mala.
mmmm, SILVI, de seguro tu arte es mucho mejor,,,,,,porq no dar el link de tus trabajos che!!

la marca
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Creative Director
Guest's picture

Qué producto es "Lomography"??????No entiendo nada!

beckspuppy's picture


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Makerere University
Guest's picture

Oh come on, most of ous consume worse advertising but don't realize it's horrible. because no one points it out.

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