Plant, 2

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September 2007
Liza Salad Dressings:  Plant, 2


Print advertisement created by BBH, Brazil for Liza Salad Dressings, within the category: Food.

Advertising Agency: Neogama BBH, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Copywriter: Silvio Amorim
Art Director: Fabio Baraldi
Photographer: Marcus Hausser
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Kayser's picture

Isn´t there a problem with the hole scenary? It looks like it´s winter... soooo there isn´t really any leafs this time of year... Right?

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Art Director
Nthngmn's picture

agreed. should've been the middle of summer.

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Art Director
Pat Bijkerk's picture

You're right. Insipid idea and very bad execution.

Pat Bijkerk
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Art Director
andrej dwin's picture

if only that was the problem with it.
gosh, there used to be a time when stuff coming out from brazil was great, or at least very good.
now, this is the second idea in a row here that sucks.
am I that old or are they that lame?
*the best skate/snow/surfing videos and pictures.
*updated daily!

andrej dwin
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Copywriter at Publicis Austria |

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Willey's picture

Kayser, Good observation, even for someone like me from tropical Africa, i see what you are talking about.

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Graphic Designer
Sushovan's picture

Hahaha! You don't even know what trees is do you?

Guest's picture

But isn't that intended? It looks like winter, then you look twice and you actually realize what's the idea. I somehow like these.

Pat Bijkerk's picture

In advertising you'll have to expect that nobody looks twice at an ad...

Pat Bijkerk
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Art Director
Battaman's picture

@pat: ... i think that's bullshit (sorry!). i think a good ad also can work, if you have to look twice! i think there is a difference between mainstream-ad's with the primary aim to sell something and ad's, which are very intelligent and developed because of making an good ad! okay guys, i know, good advertising should sell products ... but "look twice"-ad's don't precludes it. i don't want to star a discussion about ad's in general, the only thing i want to say is that following words are wrong: "In advertising you'll have to expect that nobody looks twice at an ad..."

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Guest's picture

fully agree to Battataman!
I feel these ads are great, because they in fact make you want to look twice. First time, the ad makes you want to understand and just a second later it conjures a smile onto your face.
Such stuff can even have viral potential. Just to check if your friends are able to understand them.
If they go "winter??" What a laugh.

Guest's picture

It's brazilian... In Brazil, we don't have winter like in USA or Europe. The leaves stay in the tree, so... it works here :)

Stigset's picture

Generally, if there is snow, there aren't any leaves on the trees

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Art Director
pneuburg's picture

I think the reason the tree has no leaves is because someone made a salad with them because any type of vegetation tastes great with their dressing.

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Creative Director |


CND's picture

i concur with pneuburg. nice idea.

ccsman04's picture

I just hope the leaves arent poisonous because I dont think that the salad dressing can help in that department.... Other than that, I agree with the "look twice" theory. I hope people look twice at my ads and want to look even more, thats called stopping power which in turn garners interest, which in turn MAY get someone to be interested in my product. Well made ad, even if it is from Brazil...

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postman's picture

To me, this an "artificial look-twice-ad": It's just not obvious enough and I still wondered whether I got it right when I understood the meaning. Generally, I appreciate look-twice-ads.

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Guest's picture

what about "look twice" theory?
it lie on who are your head consumer,whether they almost have curiosity.

Guest's picture

what about "look twice" theory?
it lie on who are your head consumer,whether they almost have curiosity.

tantrik_indian's picture

So, with the right salad dressing, Brazilians will eat up the leaves of whole trees. Preposterous. This ad doesn't bring any smile for me. Sorry.
~~be cool eh!~~

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Copywriter |

~~this paranoid survived!~~

V's picture

uhm it means someone ate the leaves with the salad dressing... duh

Matheus's picture

How can someone really think this ad is suggesting to eat leaves with the salad dressing? Where is your capacity of abstraction to deal with exaggeration?

Guest's picture

"there used to be a time when stuff coming out from brazil was great"

"there used to be a time when critics coming from US weren't so dum and superficial."

Guest's picture

The idea is actually a good idea. The execution was off. Had they put the tree in a potted plant let's say near a pool...or some other background that denotes summer or warm weather when the trees would in fact be in bloom and have leaves then I would have been right there with the idea from the get go. Unfortunately the white wash stucco background leads me to initially think that the image I'm looking at is a winter scene, when in fact it's a summer scene just there's no green in the picture because the salad dressing was so tasty someone ate all the leaves off the tree.

Basically, the background's the problem. Not the idea.

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