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January 2007
LIUC:  Boy
LIUC Print Ad -  Boy

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Print advertisement created by Belocal, Italy for LIUC, within the category: Education.


The first campus in Italy.

Advertising Agency: Belocal, Italy
Art Director: Michele Montanucci
Copywriter: Davide Necchi
Photographer: Max Berio
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doworkson's picture

i dont get it

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everartz's picture

what about his pants? shouldnt be there a grass stain as well? confusing!!!!

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| everartz |

doworkson's picture

can someone explain the connection between italian college and grass stains?

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berenice81's picture

In Italy people says " study with stron elbows" is like to cram in english

So they ´re cramming over grass

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speed's picture

That's a cool saying. I'm hoping this particular university is located in a mostly sunny Italian region and wants to be known for their nice open outside campus areas - right?

To extend on this idea, there might be other ways besides just grass to show stains (worn holes) on the elbows. Other ways related to the location. Or the effects of Italian icons?

Anyway, this is a strong one-off.

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berenice81's picture

I wanted to say Strong

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paolo.malorgio's picture

I always find in all this comments a touch of evil, where the criticism is done just to be done. I think that the idea is quite nice and well described by the visual.

Guys, if you are able to, try to give some constructive comments instead of destroing others'work (thing that is too easy to be done).

Bravo miky! ;9

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igunn's picture

i couldn't agree with you more.

we have to think about where these ads are from. people react differently depending from their background. this ad might work really well from where it was published.

if someone gives a comment that only points out the problems and doesn't give any idea on how to fix it. So, it is just a part of the problem.

by the way ii really like this ad. well done.

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mlsman5000's picture

This is shit, if you want idea of how to fix it, throw it in the bin.

First University in Italy could be a young Michelangelo scribbling the Sistine chapel on his text book or a young Leonardo scribing a love heart with Leonardo for Mona Lisa in a tree on campus while she looks on.

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Saatchi & Saatchi
Kateter's picture

*if you want idea of how to fix it, throw it in the bin*

I disagree.
this is not a festival here. and it shouldn't be. I think that this could be a great platform for people to learn something, hear other people's opinion and maybe get additional input on how to make ads better in the future.
besides - in this way we can avoid doing reeeeeeally bad stuff which insult consumers.
nevermind if someone writes something in an angry manner - if there's a constructive criticism in it, I have no probelm with that.

although I too seem to forget this from time to time, I still think this could be the best thing about this site.

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kergu's picture

mmm is nice..but die very quick...

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doworkson's picture

i think its pretty cool. but if you're going to play with their saying of "study with strong elbows" lets see some buff elbows busting through shirts or some worn in elbow pads. grass stains just say they were laying in the grass.

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BadPhotoshop2me's picture

What tha fuck?!!

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Dick Huges's picture

Makes no sense. If you are doing an ad that just makes sense to italians, then post on an italian website. Obviously people will criticize what they dont understand, if is great for Italy, so please keet it in Italy. Outside Italy in the developed world it sucks.

Dick Huges
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gulli's picture

per Paolo: mi spiace, non è gran cosa. Hai voglia a criticare i commenti "distruttivi"...
Non se ne può più di questo Adv "styloso" e all'inglese, che meno dice meglio è. La parte copy non dice nulla nè dell'istituto nè dell'offerta formativa; in più, non qualifica l'istituto (basta forse che sia definito "campus" per essere preferibile/allettante/diverso?). Il visual ha testa tagliata (sta male) e culo in PP (sta peggio); la persona è in mezzo a un limbo lattiginoso che rende tutto più freddo.
Personalmente, mi sembra una via di mezzo tra "buona intenzione" e "necessità". So che è facile criticare a posteriori, però a questo serve questo spazio.

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kbaudelaire's picture

well uh... me no gets it...

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tanvir hassan raju's picture

well.....get a little with the discussion...but to can be executed in some other better way....

tanvir hassan raju
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