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what are they saying here?
don't get this at all

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I'm guessing they are saying that little red riding hood is concentrated on only one thing, the wolf, but yet there is another thing she should be looking out for, the lamp about to fall on her head. So you need to be open minded about sickness, and spend more money paying for pointless pills that your children don't need :)

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Pretty far-fetched to me, sorry. They needn't have gone the extra mile to use fairy tale figures when ordinary, everyday people in ordinary, everyday situations coulda done the trick.

Nice artwork, nonetheless, i'll give that to them.

Most times, worst enemies used to be best friends - and vice versa.

Brandon Whee!
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it's way too complicated and unrelated to the product/message.
borrowed interest.
*the best skate/snow/surfing videos and pictures.
*updated daily!

andrej dwin
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AdArena: Sex Sells

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The only risk in this ad: the invisibility of the logo.

Thanks to the title I knew which brand this is for.

PS: Oh yeah. The campaign is bad.

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For me this is a very nice campaing, directly, smart, funny and well executed.

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for me to ;)

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Despite it's kind of a stretch, the fairy tale characters make sense to me because everyone knows about one risk already. However, you'll need a very good - and maybe longer - copy to explain this. The copy here is too clumsy.

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check above the girl.... the lamp!

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I like the idea, but it's not very well done, in my opinion.

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