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July 2008
LG:  Apples
LG Print Ad -  Apples


Print advertisement created by Y&R, Canada for LG, within the category: Electronics, Technology.

Advertising Agency: Y&R Toronto, Canada
Creative Director: David Houghton
Associate Creative Director: Arthur Shah
Art Director: Brendan Watson
Copywriters: Arthur Shah, Matej Novak
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cocochiller's picture

I love the idea, and feel like the copy is almost there. The part where there is conjecture about the price of the apples and when it was announced people were shocked and there was a public outcry though? It gets me lost. I'm guessing the apples were priced too high but you don't say that.

Plus the copy is sooo long so the art direction should entice you to read it but it does the opposite.

Overall I like it okay.

Activity Score 146
Art Director at Atlanta, GA |

Kingo's picture

nobody cares about full page copy.
especially like this.
the only people that will actually read itAre not the target.

Activity Score 11
natt1's picture

Good idea, copy well written apart from the price issue and the people protesting. This could send a different message to whoever reads it.

Activity Score 44
art director saatchi & saatchi - Uganda |


yesprabhakar's picture

Prabhakar Soma

Its nice to see a copy based ad after such a long time...It's GOOD !

Activity Score 72
stitchy's picture

how many times do u need 2 repeat the word APPLES!!!
they need more IQ i guess!!!

Activity Score 779
creative design
TexasH's picture

Well, this repetition is very funny. A wording way to show the omnipresence of "apples".

Activity Score 365
askon's picture

Now I understand why there was a young creative walking around the office playing a ukulele... Nut HOUSE!

Activity Score 431

-- 9 out of 10 dentists agree that most people will believe any statistic you throw at them.

Johnny Boy's picture

I like the IDEA behind the ad. Apples as an analogy to the iPhone. I myself prefer oranges to apples, but I dont make that connection with an LG model phone from this ad. The art direction seems lazy to me, if this is a fairy tale, make it LOOK like one. Open up old children fairy tales and look at the ornamental decorations, and colours, and knights and maidens, and elves tooting long horns that extend down the page, etc. The beginning 'O' graphic has the right idea. Its long copy, so it should really draw the reader in. Also, the tone of voice doesnt suit the story or the 'look'. Theres a fairy tale rythm thats just missing from the writing. It doesnt feel authentic. And I know the client would never let you fuck with the logo, but maybe have the logo over some kind of wax seal or something medieval so it looks more authentic and less like an ad.
But thats just my honest critique, the IDEA is solid.

Johnny Boy
Activity Score 14
Art Director at OCAD
picktokyo's picture

scam. and not funny. utterly awful

Activity Score 1404
Copywriter at JWT
Frits Harkema's picture

I prefer apple. Anyhow.

Frits Harkema
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justsayin's picture

I read it all, waiting for the exciting twist, in the end... it didn't happen. nice idea, boring execution... cut the copy in half, change the art direction, change the ad, change the client and the agency, and we have a winner! god, the monday hangover!

Activity Score 225
doworkson's picture

boring as fuck. no one is going to read this dribble. you could make the same statement and get the same message across a lot faster and more powerful with one solid headline.

Activity Score 242
STRTLRS's picture

A fifth grader wrote this. The ornate drop cap alone doesn't say old-timey... Could have been better.

Activity Score 1601
storytellers. |

I think, therefore... yeah.

rodrigoplant's picture

yes, and my choice is still an iphone.

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david.g's picture

the apple for Apple is first idea to me.
the little story is not so boring but not interesting enough to make a good ad.

Activity Score 68
sneakyhands's picture

you lost me at bad taste in their mouths. not the actual copy, but about halfway through the ad. here's a thought: write as if it was a voice over for a :30 TV. basically try to end it before i realize that it's running on.

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Absolut M's picture

good idea


Absolut M
Activity Score 1069
Marketing Manager
Absolut M's picture

good idea


Absolut M
Activity Score 1069
Marketing Manager
Expert's picture

Reasonable execution of a good idea. If you want an Apple iphone you'll read it and that's precisely who it's directed at. Copy is good enough. For all those tools out there who will try to tell you it won't get read because of all the copy (what, 200 words?) or that it could be just as easily produced with a pithy headline I would say you miss the point. Write a headline with a little copy and you write an ad. This is different. This is why it is good.

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