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December 2007
Lego:  Waterfall


Print advertisement created by Jung von Matt, Germany for Lego, within the category: Gaming.


Create the impossible.

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt/Alster, Hamburg, Germany
Creative Directors: Daniel Frericks, Thimoteus Wagner, Götz Ulmer
Art Directors: Damjan Pita, Alexander Muesgens
Copywriter: Mathias Müller
Account Manager: Katharina Schablitzki
3DModelling: Soul Pix
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Ag's picture

Ok. Now seriously, I dont know what to think about the fact that they are using the exact same image of M.C.Escher for an ad... I mean, there`s no much work after that. I couldn`t say if its god or bad.

The concept is right anyway.

Activity Score 305
LeeHarvey's picture

I think they did a great job by building these Eschers with Lego, and the line is perfect.

Activity Score 3043
Creative Director
Ag's picture

But they didnt build it... Its an ilustration. It actually is imposible to build.

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sold's picture

that means they do nothing...
i really and trully believe that the essential of lego is this dual create-build, on this campaign they show some fake lego image (was illustrated) that is impossible to build with lego or whatever...
i dont like the line too.

Activity Score 3379
LeeHarvey's picture

Okay guys, after being confronted with all the links to show that JvM 'borrowed' the whole idea I can only agree with the lot of you. Another example of Grand Theft Advertising... I take back all the compliments I wrote before

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Creative Director
arstewar's picture

ha, cool plants, thats it

Activity Score 232
Art Director
Gutts's picture

hope everybody knows escher. otherwise it's hard to get.
but nice idea anyway!

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ad agency
monicamexico's picture

Too much borrowed interest and not enough consumer benefit.

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hoopla's picture

Just google "Escher" and "Lego". This idea is simply stolen,
like the skyscraper alphabet for Mercedes. How desperate
are these guys at Jungvonmatt to get awards? To publish
an ad like this for some econonomical reason maybe ok.
But it's a shame to write your name for someone elses
work in the credits. Yeah, thats to you Daniel Frericks,
Thimoteus Wagner, Götz Ulmer, Damjan Pita, Alexander
Muesgens, Mathias Müller.

Activity Score 56
sp101's picture

I googled "Escher" and "lego" and I was suprised to see that these are exact the same visuals/illustrations. well, I think it is ok when you like someones style but at least you should put him on the credit list when you use his style!

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Wordnerd's picture

Wow.. that's really low! hope they get sued

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Mr.Abc's picture

"Create the impossible" - for you it means without Google and the
ideas of other people. Shame on you, men. Especially on those Creative Directors.

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Houdini's picture

C'mon. How many ideas work with escher motives.

besides, I've seen so many award winning work out there inspired by comic books,
internet sites, cartoons, movies etc for so many years..
and for the real outrageous people out there:
calm down, it's just advertising.

after all it's a nice idea which is fun!

Activity Score 26
hoopla's picture

Indeed, it is a nice idea. But it's not the idea of
the guys in the credits. That's the whole point.
Being in the credits means honour, means money, means
stepping up the ladder (and means PR for Jungvonmatt).
It's much more than a nice idea and "fun".

Activity Score 56
MoveOn's picture

Lovely idea, simple, inspired by Escher, but then again, so what! With LEGO you can create any world your imagination desires. Why do we have to look so deep into it. Create the impossible out of simple colourful blocks, and why not, even if it's improbable :)

Activity Score 63
Art Director
M´AD MAX's picture

shame on you

Activity Score 195
LimitedTimeOffer's picture

Oh for fucks sake, they are not "stealing" or "copying" Escher, it's a direct homage. There's no pretense these aren't some of his greatest works, they are incredibly well known, and Lego know that and are trading on it.

Activity Score 200
Advertising Agency
hoopla's picture

You still dont get it. Its not about copying Escher. The whole idea
"Building Escher-Pictures with Lego" has been done before by other guys.
The performance of Jungvonmatt: Discovering it, adding a line
and a logo.

Activity Score 56
Mr.Top's picture

At least do it on Black and White. This is such a rip off! Un-fucking-believable!

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capywriter's picture

What if these guys from JuM bumped on to these visuals one day and thought it would fit great for a campaign for Lego, using their headline 'create the impossible'. Next they asked permission to the guy who made them (Daniel Shiu, http://www.andrewlipson.com/lego.htm)? I don't know if it went like that, bu if so... what's the problem. I just can't believe an agency would steel something in such an obvious way... Or am I just being naïve???

Activity Score 5513
Copywriter at Freelance
hoopla's picture

Then it would be still a shame to
put your name as "creative" in the
credits. By the way: I couldn't
find Daniels name there.

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Guest commenter's picture

great way to ruin a masterpiece, what a waste

Guest commenter
Not a real ad's picture

there is no such "ad of the world" as this.

some idiot downloaded a pic of the lego model and then used photoshop to make it look like an ad (not a very good ad either).

the lego model itself is mostly real--it is definitely not "3d graphics by Soul Pix." it was made by someone called andrew lipson.


Not a real ad
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