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June 2006
Lego:  Tank


Print advertisement created by Blattner Brunner, United States for Lego, within the category: Gaming.

Advertising Agency: Blattner Brunner, USA
Executive Creative Directors: Jay Giesen, Dave Kwasnick
Art Director: Derek Julin
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andrej dwin's picture

it's a totaly different idea than the one that won the grand prix.
although, i should add that I totaly don't get what's so great about the Cannes ads except that they come from South Africa...

andrej dwin
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Copywriter at Publicis Austria |

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feralartdirector's picture

I think these are really good and here's the main reason why: It absolutely captures what legos are about: creative imagination. The layouts are simple and clean as is the message.

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Art Director
Jonny Lonestar's picture

if i see one more lego ad...... good god.....

Jonny Lonestar
Activity Score 282
Art Director
aancool's picture

simple but not effective.

Activity Score 90
rikitiki's picture

The "periscope" ad that won cannes is good work, man.
Just because it's crazy simple doesn't mean you have to treat it like student work.
I wouldn't have thought of it. You?

If I was a parent and I saw this ad in a magazine, i would say, "Oh! That's soo neato! I'm going to bend over and let Lego spank my arse while I pay them....as long as my child develops a creative mind."

When i have kids, I am seriously definitely going to buy them a ton o' legos.....imagine.

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itchy's picture

I like it. It is simple, but that doesn't necessarily mean bad. I liked the perscope one too. Prolly a bit more than I like this one, but this ad gives me a good feeling about Lego. It works.

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ziadhdn's picture

Till now i don't know what is Lego??
Can anybody explain please?

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Graphic Designer |

ziad hamdan

ivan's picture

Wow! Nobody thought about the ad from this angle! I guess not everybody knows the brand. Interesting...

It's simply a toy with colorful bricks that you can use to build stuff.

Creative Director at Ads of the World
ziadhdn's picture

Thank you Ivan, Now I can Comment.. Its a very simple ad. it doesn't deserve to put it on this website, sorry guys, the shadow idea is repeated hundred times, the green is ugly, and i don't know why the image is not in a better location of area..

Activity Score 104
Graphic Designer |

ziad hamdan

ziadhdn's picture

Guys, the important issue on this ad is when you advertise tanks, we are growing the violence squint inside our kids which is not good..
ziad hamdan

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Graphic Designer |

ziad hamdan

No fixed abode's picture

From a creative standpoint the Cannes winner kicks the crap out of this one. But for moving product, I bet this does a better job.

No fixed abode
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dansasono's picture

not again!!!! another shadow ad!!!

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Art Director
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