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October 2010


Note: A wordplay is employed in the slogan based on the fact that in Slovak, the word cancer (rakovina) contains the word fault (vina).

Print advertisement created by Sofian, Slovakia for League against cancer, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.


Alcohol? It will be your fault!

Advertising Agency: Sofian, Bratislava, Slovakia
Creative Director: T. Eliot Rostas
Art Directors: Marek Repka, Ivan Galanský
Copywriter: T. Eliot Rostas
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AmOgodzzz's picture

I like the art direction on these, but the line and the general concept are very preachy. Get off your high horse, League Against Cancer. Also, blaming cancer on the person who has it is pretty heartless and counterproductive.

I feel like they should take the idea all the way:

"Breathing in a large, polluted metropolitan area? It will be your fault."

"Eating produce that may or may not have been treated with pesticides? It will be your fault."

"Have a pair or breasts or testicles? It will be your fault."

Stupid and offensive campaign.

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Copywriter at School of Visual Arts
Guest's picture

worst idea ever. the only one it works for is smoking...barely. OFFENSIVE OFFENSIVE.

Dzsoi's picture

I agree. This ad is bad on more levels than Empire State Building had. Preachy, offensive, heartless, unfair, using mostly habits or lack of habits not directly connected to cancer (like obesity - rather cardiovascular diseases, but not cancer; doing no excercises - what cancer is that?!; and wine???? one glass of red wine a day is healthier than NOT having a glass of red wine) etc.

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Simple nice clever idea.Just to remind people: "A wordplay is employed in the slogan based on the fact that in Slovak, the word cancer (rakovina) contains the word fault (vina)"

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Simple ideas are the best !

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clever idea???!! it's a meaningless wordplay! the Slovakian word for cancer could contain the word potato for all i care, it doesn't mean you should base a campaign on it.

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Very forced. Doesn't work for me.

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Strong and Impressive.

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Briliant idea, awesome art direction.

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Working in a big wine brand state I'm over THAT metaphor.
Anyway... I thought wine, particularly red wine, was actually good for you.
But I looooove that fabic.

Roger Keynes
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The corkscrew looks like a Pharaoh mummy. Quite funny.

However I really dont like the strapline cos it sounds so boring, rude and didactic.
Maybe the translation is not 100% right.

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