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April 2010
Latinstock:  Easy, 1


Advertising Agency: Mccann Erickson Argentina

Print advertisement created by McCann, Argentina for Latinstock, within the category: Professional Services.


Getting anything is much easier than in real life.

Executive Creative Director: Sebastián Castañeda
Creative Directors: Mariano Legname, Rodrigo Polignano
Art Directors: Mariela Pettinatti, Mariano Legname
Copywriters: Roberto Delgado, Mariano Legname
Illustrator: Mariela Pettinatti
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Molecule's picture

i don't understand these

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Latinstock specializes in stock photography, film footage, etc.

The idea is that in real life you may have to go thru many steps to get something. Here, a woman is trying different things/approaches to kill her doddering husband to get his money! Of course, this is all tongue in cheek.

At Latinstock, you don't have to go thru numerous steps to get (or find) a photo or a movie of a woman who's being filthy rich.

I like the campaign; it's out of the box. However, I do agree that it's a tad confusing; maybe because each ad is a series of images (not just one image), but that's necesasry to make the "being hard" or "going thru steps or hoops" point.

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John van de Vorstenbosch's picture

If 'easy' is the thing you were going for, I don't think you succeeded. I really like the idea of the story, good visuals and terrible copy. But I've got the idea this campaign would be great to, for example, tell the story behind art for a new museum collection or something.

To me, it doesn't look easy at all, or am I just not getting it?

John van de Vor...
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luispiter's picture

jajaja... i like it..

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Wordnerd's picture

ok. funny and stuff, but becoming filthy rich and getting a picture of a filthy rich woman is quiet a strech.

and this is a very long way to get to the point, for me. the others using one straight story work better.

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everartz's picture

didnt like it.. a long story to tell though and the illustration style is so minimal

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shitmonk's picture

it's hard to understand because of the layout and colouring, and kind of confusing. i'd want something simpler if i were latinstock, cause this contradicts simplicity :)

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atb2005's picture

Guys, you don't get it. The tagline suggests that it's easier to get "anything" at Latinstock than in real life. The illustrations reflect real life, and support the tagline or the copy.

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Wordnerd's picture

yes, and that is the problem. real life is shown as non-real and vice versa. it doesn't matter if advertising people get it

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ironic but funny!

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