Any terrain is a game

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May 2009
Land Rover:  Any terrain is a game
Land Rover Print Ad -  Any terrain is a game


Print advertisement created by d4, Guatemala for Land Rover, within the category: Automotive.

Advertising Agency: d4 comunicaciones Guatemala
Creative Directors: Diego Castillo, Erwin Farfán
Art Directors: Maido Roca
Copywriter: Maido Roca
Designer: Maido Roca
Photographers: Maido Roca
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Absolutely love it!

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Creative Director
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jai hind
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Art Director |

jai hind
art director

alexander_bickov's picture

Good work

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playa's picture

cool idea, but still looks like a layout?

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Art Director at Art Direction |


salamandos's picture

old idea.

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Art Director
TRICKY's picture

the idea is kinda odd i mean i am supposed to be "free (go beyond ) driving a landrover" but the visual suggests the landrover guided by a slot in the track on which it runs.

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Creative Director |

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

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i agree 100%

but then i took the finger out of my butt...

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Copywriter |

Quite really.

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me gusta mucho la realizazion. Lo siento però no ablamos espanol

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Creative Director at Creative Director
Guest's picture

in this game the car goes flying over the edge.

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Done by Alfa Romo few ears ago.

Notorious's picture

LOL@few ears

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outsmart me, if you can

Notorious's picture

i think instead, it should read: Land Rover: Any poo is a game

COULDN'T THEY JUST FIND SOME REAL POO INSTEAD! - maybe a real poo would have curb their hunger for art

execution is just terrible

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outsmart me, if you can

Guest's picture

forced, poor logic, and off-target. start over.

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la realización es extraordinaria... muy prolija y bien lograda...
la idea no sólo es vieja sino que no es acorde al tarjet como antes mencionaron...

este es un claro ejemplo de un buen equipo de arte con un vago equipo creativo.
y termina siendo un desperdicio.. ya que esta compleja gráfica termina siendo anecdótica en la mente del consumidor...

Guest's picture

Subite a una Land Rover y me contás cómo te fué??????

JPhilly's picture

They never show the car either. Not that it's necessary to have a product shot in an ad, but I think this layout is set up nicely for one to appear somewhere.

I would suggest it be shown somewhere off the track to show that even this crazy track in the mountains can't hold us.

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good one.

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Muh's picture

Old idea, average execution

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Art Director at art director |

Dev Kumar's picture

Yep, I agree with you. I'd say it's a below average execution though. This track looks good enough for F1 racing. How on earth did Land Rover agree to something which is nowhere near what they've been saying about their tough terrain vehicle?

Dev Kumar
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Copywriter at Mumbai
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Audi and Subaru already used these Scalectrix circuits to advertize their cars... very old idea...

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I played with one of those:P
what a shit of game>.> xD

Andrey Vaslit
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agreed, old idea, nice graphics, not perfect, but pretty nice,l and to everyone who says " how could the rover dudes do that", I will introduce you to a concept called "trucho" ;-), oftenly leaded by misscarried new creative directors trying to get attention and some art director who did a hell of a work with the 3 hours left he had to make it through. This work's only objective is to draw some market client's attention to stay over and sleep with the agency. Nothing new under the sun.

Fuck the copywriter though.

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LOL@ We highly appreciate your comments. When commenting please acknowledge the following guidelines: Be respectful and helpful. Do not spam or link drop. Please note that guest comments do not appear immediately.

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outsmart me, if you can

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mmmm que interesante ver los creditos

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I feel the ad is wrong coz Land Rover is an all Terrain surface SUV. In this creative the only surface available to drive on is the track and thats too smooth .I mean i could cycle on it without bothering if my shock absorbers were working . Yure eye goes immediately to the track and thats just the opposite terrain for this this vehicle. Not impressive at all. However i feel it wouldve kicked off had the terrains be switched around. Have the rough road on the track and the smooth mountain surfaces.

Jon-Paul Mountford's picture

AAwwwrgggg....the exicution...why-oh-why.

Surely this can't have passed the QC test on the way out the door.
The idea is an old one, but it could have at least been a visually interesting piece.
It's one of those close, but no cigar for this one.

Jon-Paul Mountford
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Photographer |

Guest's picture

Agradezco los comentarios las criticas nos ayudan a mejorar

Maido Roca D4 comunicaciones

she_kai's picture

old concept

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Copywriter at TBWA
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lastimosamente el concepto ya esta mas que quemado, es interesante cuando uno encuentra nuevos caminos y si lo mezclas con una buena direccion como esta, logras algo genial.... nuevos caminos es la tendencia

Guest's picture

i like it !! =) good work maido

Guest's picture

like it ! good work maido =)

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