The truth hurts, Gunshot

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September 2011
Lamborghini:  The truth hurts, Gunshot


Print advertisement created by Philipp und Keuntje, Germany for Lamborghini, within the category: Automotive.


It's not a car, it's a weapon.
Sounds like a gunshoot and feels like one too.
Michael Köckritz, Ramp Magazin
The new Lamborghini Aventador with 700hp
The truth hurts.

Advertising Agency: Philipp und Keuntje GmbH, Hamburg, Germany
Creative Directors: Diether Kerner, Jan Krause
Art Director: Simon Jasper Philipp
Copywriter: Bea Kiwitt
Illustrator: Herr Müller
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morse's picture

These ads look really good!

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Dharmesh aka danny's picture

Hi Morse! This is Dharmesh (Copywriter from India). I have always followed your comments, but today, would like to ask you a question. How come by showing the negative side through an ad the product gets the benefits, like this campaign?

Dharmesh aka danny
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Dharmesh Padia

iambusy's picture

good art...but not convinced with the idea...

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Roger Keynes's picture

Tell it like it is, Lamborghini... Drive fast, die happy! :D

p.s. Does this look like a conceptual layout to anyone else? ;)

Roger Keynes
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The Jobless Writer
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Bianconiglio's picture

A good art direction doesn't make a good AD.

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andylefty's picture

Don't get the tag line. Great art.

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suresh90's picture

Cool Concept and awesome art :)

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Temple's picture

Feel like ghost ads. Lamborghini Aventador has pre-sold something like 2 to 3 years in advance. Btw, "the truth hurts"? Give me a break.

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Creative Director
Abhishek Parikh's picture

I am not sure if this will sell the car... but yeah... it will be an wow addition to the portfolio.

Abhishek Parikh
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Justin Evans's picture

Great concept in this series.. I like how there is an angular quality to the illustrations to mirror the lines of the car. The quotes themselves are powerful enough to carry the ad and yet the ad doesn't rely on them.

Justin Evans
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Graphic Designer at REAL | E Media
Hadrons's picture

This campaign's target audience: Extremely rich, bored, suicidal, fringe types who will not enjoy their new gadget for long - or maybe I should rephrase it: too bad the heirloom will be a totaled hunk of exotic materials.

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vote4pedro's picture

Horrible ad for an amazing car.

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Lemonlove's picture

Nice image but just not liking the selling point this ad decided to focus on..."It's a weapon." Not exactly something you would like to promote your car as. This is obviously aiming towards men, so maybe i'm missing something here??

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kleenex's picture

Bold Art...

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vote4pedro's picture

Not sure why they list a copywriter in the credits when the "headlines" are quotes from automotive magazines. These are typical bad car ads with nice illustrations. Waste of a decent art budget.

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JensH's picture

Sorry, these don't do it for me. Looks good, but feels wrong for Lamborghini...

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bate_palmas's picture

Buy our car or die. I mean, buy our car AND die. I mean...uh...what...?

This is either scam or just a shite concept: Lamborghini = injury and death?

Give me a break

A star for the artwork

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MicheleVirgilio's picture

I don't like. Too many people die on the streets everyday. I don't like an ad with a message like this. Bad ad for me.

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Billoughsby's picture

Don't know why a single commenter would say how great the illustration are. But when "very stiff sense of anatomy and overworked technique" means great, we'll have a ribbon-winning campaign here.

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That's it.

Glut's picture

like art work, but the idea....

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REC's picture

Speed well sold.

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Justin Evans's picture

Well said!

Justin Evans
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