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I smell a fake. Never-the-less, it's not that great of an idea. Oh, dead pop stars in heaven wearing docs. I'm so underwhelmed.

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He's not a pop star...

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But didn't Kurt wear ALL-STARS ?

Carlos Garcia
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alltought rock, punk and grunge stars go to hell, to keep it rocking!!!!

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These have not been banned - according to the Media Guardian. You can see what AdLand has to say about this here:

Saatchi & Saatchi just lost the account because of these ads (which were faked, according to Kate Stanners).

Of course, Courtney Love is furious, but she probably doesn't quite know why. :-)

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Kate Stanners, Graham Lang, Andrew Petch..... HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH!!! YOUR ALL GONNA GET FIRED!!!!!!! Hope your gold idea was worth it, maybe you can pick up your award on the way out.

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Carlos is correct
Kurt wore Chucks
Courtney, I smell a big fat lawsuit… if this campaign ever goes to print. (which I hope it don't)
but it would mean, more money for heroin

Ras Edwah
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That was a rash comment, Ras. I am a fan of Kurt's and I detest ur insinuation that just because Kurt may have done it, others would do it (heroin)as well. Besides, I really don't fancy the idea of re-awakening dormant memories just to sell a pair of boots. Pretty cheap, lame and low. Especially when you consider the sudden, and painful circumstances in which they died. I'm not looking at the rest of these series.


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Most times, worst enemies used to be best friends...

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Courtney Love is a wacko.

And anyways, why the uproar over Kurt and not Sid? Is it because he killed Nancy?

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The guy who used boots ala Marten was Cornell (also the guys in AIC). Maybe when they thought of the Grunge movement they chose Cobain in a forced way as the "ultimate grunge icon". Puagg! that sounded lame!

Bobby Ponte
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